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In addition to fire protection, an important place belongs to the technologies of wood processing and holding fire protection works. Depending on the destination objects of protection (protected wood), fire-retardant treatment can be profound or moderate. It is important to ensure the necessary rates of consumption of impregnating compositions. Methods impregnation of wood There are many ways to impregnate the wood. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. The simplest and most accessible – brushing, spraying or dipping briefly. The disadvantage of these methods is a shallow penetration of a flame retardant and, consequently, low consumption rates of the compositions. More complex in terms of technology – soaking, impregnation of hot-cold baths, impregnated in an autoclave. Visit Dr. John Mcdougall for more clarity on the issue. This is much more sophisticated methods however, their dignity – the deep penetration of flame retardant.

It is believed that the more deeply imbued with flame retardant wood, the more secure it is protected. Therefore, the most effective way of applying protective equipment is impregnated under pressure. It is with this method of impregnating solution is the most deeply penetrates the wood and works the best. On the other hand, in most cases, fire-retardant treatment are ready-made wooden structures, which are under pressure impregnation is impossible. Here, the most technologically method of spraying or brushing with a mandatory compliance with the rules of flow. In the vast most cases, the processing of the wood surface is recommended for positive air temperature – freezing of water in the wood prevent the imposition of a flame retardant in the wood. Not allowed to produce retardants work at subzero temperatures or precipitation effect.

Choosing a fireproof impregnation, do not forget that these drugs are subject to mandatory certification. Certification flame retardants is conducted in terms of quality of design documentation with regard to safety, the properties of products. This work is the Health Ministry of the Russian authorities in the epidemiological assessment of the company.

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