Health Free Of Ideology

The World Health Day this year focuses on the safety of health facilities and in the preparation of the health personnel serving in emergency situations. In previous years, the protection of health against climate change, international health security and the crisis in the health workforce. Although this is of fundamental issues to save human lives, leave see the current trend of health care. It consists more in the care of diseases once they appear, instead of the search for and promotion of a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or infirmity in people, such as the World Health Organization (who) defines health. The latest who report revived primary health care after decades of silence by the mercantile models of health care.

The conservative revolution of the 1980s turned social fundamental rights such as health and education in merchandise. Thirty years ago, several countries signed the Declaration of Alma Ata to recognize health as a human right and not as a luxury. However, neo-Liberals interpreted it as a poor provision of health care, in addition to a utopian idea. They considered only covered the first level of care and constituted a threat to the medical profession, as if the protagonist\’s health were doctors, drugs or diseases and not people and your environment that have been altered its organic equilibrium. Primary care not restricts the freedom of people with high incomes in wealthy countries hire care and private insurance. In United States, this fear has cast attempts to carry out a health care reform that deals with people who have no health coverage, that today reaches 50 million by land. As many of the causes of ill-health are beyond the scope of medicine, primary care seeks a broad social approach that ensures the equity in access to services and the efficiency in the utilization of resources.

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