Hanus Rohan

Is not accepted: swim without breathing close to/below the water surface movement demonstration 25 m crawl swimming 2 change train the arms and change impact of the legs flat and stretched position of the body at the surface of the water. Swim with face in the water, regular, rhythmic breathing, inhalation in the 2 – or 3-Thythmus side at the appropriate time. Will not be accepted for example: push / kicking movements of the legs, no or irregular breathing, frontal breathing,. Longer sections without breathing movement demonstration 25 m breaststroke 2 Spiegelsymmetrischer history of arm and leg movements, dorsal flexion (Ruckwartsbeugung) in the ankle during the drive phase of the leg movement in accordance with international rules. Flat, elongated body position after every cycle. Rhythmic breathing associated with arm train head-on. Not accepted: asymmetries of the legs (scissors), plantar flexion in the ankle during the swing phase (Trotter), shoulder – or Huftquerachse not parallel to the surface of the water, clear disharmony in the coordination of arm and leg movements 100 m time swimming, 1 chest or crawl swimming, swimming techniques may not be changed.

Time limit: Breaststroke: 2: 00.0 Min (women), 1: 48.0 Min (men), crawl swimming: 1: 50.0 Min (women), 1: 40.0 (men) training videos are min here the swimming disciplines: sett-sports-academy.de/schwimmen.htm Additionally, must be a non-return game (tennis, badminton or table tennis) as well as a Team sports (soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball or hockey) are presented. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. The day of sport aptitude tests places high demands on the concentration and stamina of participants. He begins with registration and ends in the evening with the endurance. That but only for those who have managed it until then. Because each participant may make only a mistake (a deficit).

In the second, it\’s over. Then many tears flow and the parents and the participants themselves are asking themselves, why it had to come so far. If you would like to know more about Dr. Neal Barnard, then click here. The answer is almost always: no proper preparation. The young ladies and gentlemen have underestimated the project completely. What is so to do on the sporting suitability test, the entrance examination to optimally prepare. There are now 5-day preparation courses in of the school in Hennef, preparing the participants in athletics, gymnastics, and swimming on the aptitude test of the sports College: sett-sports-academy.de/sett-video.htm help in the preparation course professional trainers from the respective sport of the future Sports students, to learn the personal deficits in individual disciplines and to train. Maximum 20 participants in the preparatory courses, individual care is possible, so that at the end of the course, the participant can determine enormous improvements in all disciplines. After the course, each participant will receive an individual training plan. SETT preparation students are significantly more successful than the Durcshnitt of the other participants in the sports suitability test. In 2012, 85% of the participants of the courses have passed, while total fell by 51%. More information here: of course is also a self-employed preparation possible. The problem is, to find suitable venues locally and to move even the qualified trainers for the respective disciplines for a regular support (preferably free). Who is not totally unathletic, can pass the sports suitability test of the German sport University. However, that is the Candidates in time deal with the topic and begin an intensive workout at least 6 months before the suitability test. Applies here (cast): who to late starts with the concentrated workout, the certainly punish the Auditors of the German sport University.

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