Getting a Perfect Body

Continuing the theme of yesterday about how to have a physical that no woman can resist today I\’m going to show are the 3 key measures that you should take into account to build a perfect body, and which will be desirable for almost any woman. As the old adage says: healthy mind in healthy body and as we have trained the mind a little and not have but talked about the construction of the perfect mind to learn how to seduce a woman, now we will know some tips that are very easy to use and implement to build a healthy and nice-looking bodynot only for our own taste but for the taste of women. Have you ever wondered how everyone can detect a person who truly looks good? We can even recognize other forms such as a building or a sculpture that just look good. All people have an inherent ability to recognize the beauty when they see it, but few have been stopped and tried to describe it and measure it. There is a specific set of measurements and proportions that can tell you which are the perfect proportions of the human body. Classical sculptors Greek and Roman as Leonardo da Vinci discovered these proportions since long time ago, but over time, the concept has disappeared. Las 3 measurements that you need to know to determine the ideal proportions are as follows: 1) height 2) waist 3) shoulder research about human anatomy, sculpture of classical art and the psychology of attraction tells us that there is a specific form of the body and the size that people find most attractive and pleasant to view. People who are more close to this ideal size are usually treated more favorably, because we live in a society that is ruled by the beauty and perfection. Given the physical and social benefits generated by a perfectly proportioned body, do not curiosity gives you know what your size and shape specified ideal and how to get it? From the measurements of height, each person will have an ideal measure waist and shoulders which will equal to the proportions of a body perfect.

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