Germany Event

37. four dam ride – another great success also this year organized at the 17.06.2012 TSV 05 Ronsdorf e.V., the popular bike ride including a cycling Marathon, which is part of the cycling Marathon Cup Germany and this year welcomed us that Bergisches Land with the weather. With around 600 members, TSV is one of the three big clubs on Wuppertal South heights. The cycling Department – RTA77-has been founded in June 1995 as part of the traditional gymnastic and Gaming Club 05 Ronsdorf e.V.. It is was emerged from the bicycle touring club 77 Remscheid e.V.

(RTC 77), who founded on the 7.7.1977 based in Remscheid, Germany and disbanded in 1995. In her Rennradbegeisterte of all ages and abilities have come together for joint sporting cycling. The group is organizationally independent and has currently 27 members.\” In the last few years already were many visitors at the start, the 700 has fallen this year again participants brand, only for the marathon, with its 206 km and with almost 3000 HM was prepared quite sophisticated, already 233 armband were on and already at 7 in the morning most at the start were waiting. I didn\’t expect it, says Mr Axel Walter after the event that we get this time back so many participants, most came in where we already to us between 9 and 10 o\’clock, pack it up were to attend the football events of our Association. It is of course very gratifying that the event has evolved, it helps us especially in the continuation and claim our youth work.\” The reviews, the TSV 05 Ronsdorf e.V. reach all years, are an incentive for men: Axel Sendtner Voelderndorff (bicycle tourism Wartburgkreis) and Axel Walter, as well as their team to return the cyclists, which they by the organisation erwarten-namely a perfect event. It is important that a cycling event care for them, that is worthwhile for everyone to visit it and to be once in the year for the two Axel\’s and their crews.

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