As said the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), the age of 60 years is the landmark of the beginning of the Third Age, that is, the elderly is that one that possess the age above of 60 years (COAST; FULL BROTHER, 2004). Quality of life for the aged one can be interpreted as the fact of it to fulfill with basic the daily functions in adequate way and to obtain to live of independent form, improving auto-esteem and facilitating well-being, as Spirduso and Cronin mention (2001). Thus, the activities are several that can propitiate the quality of life to the aged one: familiar and social conviviality, labor activities, physical activities etc. With regard to the physical activities, also know that the lack of physical aptitude and the poor functional capacity are ones of the main causes of low quality of life in the aged ones. With the advance of the age, it has a reduction of the cardiovascular capacity, the muscular mass, of the muscular force and flexibility, being that these effect are exacerbados by the exercise lack (MONTTI, 2007). It is proven that the aged ones in such a way get benefits of practical of regular physical activity how much the young. It promotes changes corporal, improves auto-esteem, the autoconfiana and affectivity, increasing the socialization. In the psychological dimension, they affirm that the physical activity acts in the improvement of auto-esteem, of the auto concept, of the corporal image, the cognitivas functions and socialization, in the reduction it estresse of it and the anxiety and in the reduction of the medicine consumption..

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