Friedrich Nietzsche

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo LVII In verse without any kind of vanity or having to maintain a position as a materialist, scientific or otherwise. Write in verse LVII Why I call invisible executioner and not answer me, throw the dart and hide my despair? I am at your discretion, invulnerable enemy rushes Satiate punishment, triumphs and enjoys my pain, while I, vile gladiator, "I greet and bless you … … … … … …

… … .. Note: Many of those who read the many questions I did and did not hesitate rudiments have strong faith in God or excuse to blaspheme. Not was proposed to me.

What do I say that our writers can make us understand things more and more deep to the Western model imposed everywhere. A rest for the man of faith does not hesitate when men come in later times with simple things and how are you get overwhelmed. Do not use your position to blaspheme my eloquence. Pombo argues but remember as always in spite of your passenger existentialism can say, while I, vile gladiator, "I greet and bless you … … … … … … … … .. Friedrich Nietzsche ARGUMENTS AS DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE MORAL NATURE moral unnatural, that is, all taught moral, venerated and preached until now, is conversely, against the instincts of life and is a secret and condemnation as loud and brazen of these instincts . When he says: "God looks at hearts" says no to internal and higher aspirations of life and regard God as an enemy of life.

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