FO3UM Salzkammergut – Kornelia Jabbari

Kornelia Janacek motivates people to take life into their own hands and accompanied by this expert. The FO3UM Salzkammergut is a meeting place for people of all ages, which itself valuable to shaping their lives and thereby rely on the possibilities of power. It has locally and regionally over a good Image.Der founder Kornelia Letizia Jabbari is a central concern to show their Klientiennen and clients, how they really use their energy potential in professional and everyday life there. The human Energetikerin provides tools to the sensible design of life in your pulse workshops. More gives many practical applications to young and old alike, and gives you the tools for a healthy self-worth\”.

Specialized Janacek people on their way to strengthen your self worth and expand on self esteem-boosting accompanied. This puts the developed 4 cycle open recognize name \”redeem. This causes to achieve harmony of mind and soul. Self love to develop. Experience joy to feel. Experience simplicity and lightness.

Experience with confidence. Training in interpersonal skills FO3Um Salzkammergut offers an extensive education on various topics of human energy. In the foreground are doing awareness raising and the development of social competence. \”The slogan: feel valuable as a human being\”. Self esteem is to learn I would then lead people to discover your own value. Give yourself the chance to fill your life with pure Joie de vivre\”, calls energy therapist Jabbari. Get in contact with me. I look forward to seeing you soon! Kornelia Janacek hundred water route 2/1 4800 Attnang – Puchheim mobile: + 43 (0) 676 62 737 26

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