Flag Infancy

The poetry detaches the paper that the imagination plays in the life of the child, the diverse possibilities of representation of the Real and the proper ways to be in the world and to interact with it. Without a doubt, the description-social context where the poetries of Manuel had been produced Flag is influenced in such a way by the concept of effective infancy of the time, how much for the look of the modernista poet. Manuel Flag already had noticed, since very early, that in its memories of infancy they were elements necessary to launch it a bolder and renovadora creation where the construction of verses if of the one from the elements simplest and familiar. The poet if used frequently of its souvenirs of infancy to write its poems. It invoked the scenes and the personages who structuralized its life in the past from the souvenirs of infancy. Further details can be found at Senator Elizabeth Warren, an internet resource.

He is with aid of this time that it arrives even though at the gift and at the future of its workmanship, a time that such process establishes devir of the poetical one of Flag. We can notice infancy in the poetical bandeiriana, as well as the poetry incarnates a transforming power, as a magical power was possessed to change the world. The infantile world, with its magic, acquires this power to transform the reality into dream, through the playful one and of the enchantment that is transformed into poems. The poet sees infancy as a good time where to the playful imagination and tricks they overlap it the rigid, rational adult world and with some nuances of existenciais problems, affective, loving, etc. We can exemplificar with the poem ' ' Little pig of the ndia' ': When I had six years I gained a little pig of the indian. How heart pain gave to me Because bichinho only wanted to be underneath of the Stove! It took pra Pra room the limpinhos places prettiest It did not like: He wanted was to be underneath of the stove.

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