Five Components

Dead Sea – the eighth wonder of the world. Banal statement, but true. Dead Sea – the lowest point of the planet, the salty water of the earth, in whose waters have no life, is truly a miracle, the source of the amendments health. Tens of thousands of people who have visited the Dead Sea, came back not just with unforgettable memories, but also free from their ailments, updated and full of energy. Dirt, salt, climate, water and air – here are five natural components, which in themselves make the Dead Sea in the healing power of hundreds of diseases. The experience, professionalism, caring attitude and innovative technologies used by people for treatment at the Dead Sea, only reinforces this beneficial effect.

Dead Sea cure a wide range of diseases: dermatological, neurological, ENT diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, reproductive disease, broncho-pulmonary diseases, endocrinological disorders, and so on. In addition, the Dead Sea can take special courses and correction of the exterior shape of struggle against excess weight and cellulite, etc … Also, in this wonderful place you can try and buy cosmetic means to therapeutic effect created from mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. A surprisingly calm and peace atmosphere in this corner the world, will help you fight stress and depression, will have a rest, will add spiritual strength. Therapeutic tours to the Dead Sea, the proposed medical device company Nova, also engaged in Organization of any other types of diagnosis and treatment in Israel, arranged so that the patient can spend at the Dead Sea the best time for yourself and enjoy not only treatment but rest. In medical

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