Female Figure Firm Seven Golden Rules

For best results, athletes should drink enough water Tobias Fendt is operator of the fitness blog muscle-guide.de and passes his entire experience from years of training and a targeted diet. On his blog, he gives beginners in the sport of fitness training tips and shows how to build muscles fast. Endocrinologist often addresses the matter in his writings. The desired bikini figure can easily be reached by the main thing it eats correctly and trained diligently. But many women can be quickly discouraged if the weight loss and muscle building to keep waiting. Blog operator Tobias Fendt has put together a few tips to motivate women to fight the long-awaited result.

Usually, it is the sport that is missing in a woman\’s life. But should training does not become the pesky obligation, but to the magic moment in a closely knitted day plan,\”says fendt, who sees the training as the most effective way to a good result. The tips are very diverse on his blog. The seven golden rules for a taut women figure one Tobias Fendt under other advice in areas such as nutrition, diet and strength training. Incorrectly, women for dissatisfaction about her figure trying to bring their body fat percentage by a calorie restriction.

The body tends to reduce valuable muscle mass because they would consume significantly more energy than fat tissue in this case however\”, explains Tobias Fendt. Strength training this help to maintain valuable muscle mass within the framework of a diet. Also should be taken on a sufficient protein intake, because this is the body\’s cells and tissues. Protein or protein promotes the formation of Colalgen, has firming properties of connective tissue. The result is a much smoother complexion. Another positive effect of increased protein intake is saving unnecessary carbs, which reduces insulin levels in the body. Insulin promotes the storage of fat in the cells and inhibits fat loss\”, so blog owners fendt. In addition to muscles and connective tissues are as well Hair and fingernails from proteins just everything you need woman to good looks. The fitness specialist draws attention but also to other aspects. Not only the proper nutrition it has in itself, but also sufficient drinking water or tea when it comes to fat loss and muscle building. 1.5 to 2 litres and more fluid per day should take women who aspire a firm figure. But: Stay away from food toxins such as cigarettes, candy or coffee. For the neutralization of food toxins, the body draws on its existing mineral storage, occurring in bones, hair, blood and organs. Itself but to protect against life-threatening looting our body tries to accumulate as many new fat reserves because fat prevents threatening acids vital organs,\”says Tobias Fendt. And further: you are so over-acidified not fat! \”Switching to an alkaline diet can be the pounds tumble with pleasure instead of frustration\”. The seven golden rules for Fendt on his Web site at fitness/7-golden rules for a tight figure with this tips gets every woman has a tight figure of woman-her-fat – away / in detail explains. About muscle-Guide.de muscle-Guide.de offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of successful muscle building, a targeted diet and on the subject of fitness generally.

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