Eye Care Tips

In contrast to the rest of the skin, the skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands, it is more dry and sensitive, her age is much shorter. In addition, the skin around the eye suffers from constant blinking eyelids and exposed to the formation of facial wrinkles. Therefore, it is from 20-25 years in particular need of proper care. Age and skin contours can have the following eye defects. Irritation and inflammation.

Irritation and inflammation can occur as a result of fatigue, lack of sleep, crying, as well as reaction to cosmetics. To avoid in some cases, these side effects, makeup remover is necessary to use special tools to remove eye make-up. Normal Cream or gel to remove makeup from the face of ineffective: they do not completely dissolve mascara and eye shadow and can cause irritation. If you do not have to have these tools, you can use baby cream. After removing the make-up off inflammation of the eyelids will help you compress.

For their preparation used herbal teas of chamomile, cornflower, parsley (1 tbsp. Tablespoon to 1 cup of boiling water) or brew tea. Cotton swabs should be dipped in warm liquid and put on closed eyelids. In order to give rest to tired eyes, several times, without turning his head, roll the pupils left, right and in circles. Look into the distance, then close your eyes and relax your hands on some time. Under the circles under her eyes, it is understood that the skin in these areas is of special color – from yellow to gray. This is a cosmetic flaw that often those who devotes much time working, little sleep, a long time is under stress or has a genetic predisposition to the circles under his eyes. They arise because of inadequate care and makeup for the face of supply lentyaek skin oxygen in violation of lymph and blood circulation around the eyes. To get rid of under eye circles, you must first remove the cause. In order to stimulate blood circulation making a cold pack: 2 bags with black tea pour boiling water, cooled in the refrigerator and placed on a 10-minute closed eyes. Or wrapped in a dec. spoonful of cottage cheese in two slices a thin cotton cloth and place them on eyes for 10 minutes.

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