Exchange Stone

Dreamy in the pine bed good sleep and rest In the pine wood bed\’s sleep is better for centuries the wood of pine or pine due to the positive impact is on human well-being valued and used. First, researchers of the Joanneum have now investigated research (Austria) this knowledge according to scientific methods. The Swiss stone pine, also pine (bot.: pinus cembra) grows typically in altitudes from 1800 meters above sea level. The wood is durable and fades little. The resins and oils of wood give this a good protection against moths and other insects. Scientists of the research company Joanneum Research mbH (Weiz) evaluated the impact of Swiss stone pine wood on the stress and recovery of 30 adults in an international research programme in a blind study.

The results are amazing. Significant differences in the quality of recovery between a Swiss stone pine wood rooms and an identical wooden decor rooms showed itself in the laboratory. The influence of Swiss stone pine wood showed up in a lower heart rate during physical and mental stress. The vegetative recovery process is accelerated in subsequent periods of rest. Meteorosensitivity does not occur in the Swiss stone pine rooms and the sleep quality is also higher in a pine wood bed. \”Prof. Maximilian Moser from the Institute of non-invasive diagnosis of Joanneum Research to do so: the average labour-saving for the heart is 3,500 blows or one hour heart work per day.\” The research on complex heart rate measurements on a number of subjects were carried out. By advanced sensor technology and evaluation procedures, it is possible to observe the autonomic nervous system, as well as the biological rhythms of the body.

The study yielded yet another outcome: In the pine room, but even after sleeping in the pine bed the subjects experienced is more extroverted, more open and more talkative than in the wood decor ambience: this was the reason why earlier lounges were often covered with pine? The material of the furniture has obviously greater impact on welfare and health than previously known. For the precious wood of the Alps\”new applications emerge, like bedroom shipping buildings or in the Interior of wellness\”-areas of the hotel. \” Hans Bauereiss master carpenter with over 30 years experience is pleased with the results of the study, he has observed the positive impact of the wood in his carpentry career. The entire staff climate is so according to Bauereiss and improves the communicative Exchange in editing of pine wood in the workshop due to the influence of the wood.

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