Epsom Salt

It also protects if sufficient, neurological cases out and at the same time strengthens the mental stability. Signal chemicals (neurotransmitters) that are routed between individual neurons bypass the synapses (separating columns) as electrical load packages. Ion, electrically charged particles cause a current to flow through concerted co-ordinated migration here. Especially ion of calcium are responsible for ensuring that these pulses occur when a critical level is exceeded. Magnesium ions however impact the ions of calcium contrary and act as a damping element, if the signal density too high and thus the transfer of information is too hectic. So lack of magnesium, relapsing increased frequencies of neurological processes, which can manifest as stress conditions arise.

This can lead to cramps, nervousness, stomach disorders, but also conditions of utter exhaustion. An increased stress tolerance can be achieved through the allocation of sufficient magnesium so. This can be done by magnesium baths by the food, but also through the skin. Physiologically – relief of the spine, muscles and joints – solution of acute and persistent or chronic tension – improvements in disc herniations, joint pains, sciatica, lumbago, strains and sprains – clear decline of chronic pain symptoms (E.g., migraine) – supporting healing processes (E.g., whiplash, fractures, etc.) – increase the immune function – lowering high blood pressure. Slowing of the pulse frequency – extension of blood and capillaries, as well as increased blood flow to all cells.

-Significant reduction of stress-related organic chemicals such as cortisol, ACTH, lactate and adrenaline in the bloodstream – positive, soothing effect on the skin (such as psoriasis, eczema, acne – improvement of rheumatic complaints – reduction of jet lag symptoms – increased wellbeing through increased endorphin secretion mental – synchronization of the brain hemispheres. – reduction of the brain wave frequency – increase the power of concentration, creativity, productivity. – balancing environmental sensory overload and slow down the metabolism – support for meditation, autogenic training, and superlearning – stress reduction and increased), long lasting resistance to stress in the following days company description the floating Centre Lucerne is the first float Centre of Central Switzerland. As floating a relaxation technique is referred to, in which the principles of Reizdeprivations therapy – called REST (restricted environmental stimuli therapy) -. be used. REST research, it has been proven that deepest relaxation can only be achieved if external environmental influences and the related sensations are reduced. When the floating driving virtually weightless in a Samadhi – or floating tank, because the tank filled with about 600-800 liters of water with about 350-500 KG is enriched particularly pure Epsom Salt (Epson/Himalayan salt/MgSO4). Epsom Salt is occurring in many mineral springs, which are said to have the most diverse, positive impact. The brine bath enriched with salt is heated to around 36 C what the skin temperature corresponds to – so you lose the sense of the body over time. The additional light and soundproofing in the tank you enter after a short time in the State of deep relaxation. If you so can confide in the water and the tank, one feels very safe and can thus experience the wonderful experience of floating.

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