Ecologically Sustainable Construction

\”\” Passive houses of \’ we live House \’ concept passive house offer enormous energy savings thanks to a unique and exclusive design in solid wood technology \”is the latest project of the bad Kissinger house building company we live House\”, the first manufacturer in Germany at all the advantages of the classic solid construction that the prefabricated residential healthy overall concept to connect white. With passive houses we live at home\”to escape the spiral of constantly rising energy prices and achieved enormous savings in terms of energy thanks to a unique design in solid wood technology. The best way to save energy is that which reduces the energy requirements of a building to a minimum as you know. \”And this is where the concept of passive house is\” we live House \”on. \”The enormous cost savings for a passive house compared to the traditional way of building is truly amazing, white founder Matthias Kleinhenz and refers to the very low monthly operating costs.

\”A we live passive house\” required only about 10 Watts per sq m – net floor area. The entire heating performance for a 160 square foot House, for example, is thus only 3 KW. For heating and hot water 30 euros are just once a month. Also incurred no further renovation and modernisation costs and any costs for facade insulation. Thus, the easily calculable costs over the entire lifetime remain across absolutely affordable. All this is possible only thanks to a well insulated building envelope, and a unique and exclusive design in solid wood technology. Free of thermal bridges, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

This, healthy building creates a unique living experience through the exclusive use of biological materials in a passive house also with one according to high feel-good factor. Living in a passive house by House\”starts with the indoor residential health and extends on the outside of the components in the solid wood technology. Since the actual life but mostly in the Interior of a House, We make an Allergiepasschek, check the materials used, disclose all construction materials and honestly and comprehensively informed of the used materials and their specific effect\”, so Kleinhenz. \”For this reason, also we can live House\” on external, specialized on passive houses engineering the energy pass set up, calculate the thermal bridges and perform independent inspections of construction sites. \”With the concept of passive house\” we deliver live House \”another building block in the overall concept of man, home health, and exclusivity.

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