Earth Oxygen

Ozone is a gas with high oxidizing power whose molecule is composed of three atoms of oxygen bonded with a triangular geometry. The ozone molecule is formed with decoupling the two atoms that make up the molecule of oxygen gas. Released oxygen atoms combine with other oxygen molecules (O2), ozone (O3) molecules forming. The natural state of the ozone is gas and found in very small proportion in the air that we breathe in an approximate concentration of 20 parts per billion (ppb) and can go up in summer to 100 ppb.In normal atmosphere, ozone gas presents a pungent color although it is normally colorless, but when found in large concentrations its color turns slightly blue. Ozone is an oxygen allotropic form, such as j. l.

Soret demonstrated in 1863, blending form a dark blue liquid. From the chemical point of view, the ozone is very active, emphasizing its strong oxidizing power. Both the atom of oxygen and ozone they react with olefinic hydrocarbons producing aldehydes, ketones, and alcohols. Ozone decomposes rapidly in the presence of oxygen when the temperature exceeds 100 C. Catalysts are used to decompose the ozone at ambient temperature.Ozone can occur in artificial way through ozone generators. Although its main property is its high oxidizing power, ozone is best known for his role in the atmosphere.

Ozone absorbs UV radiation whose wavelength would make difficult the life on Earth. These radiation weakens the immune system of human beings, promoting diseases of the respiratory system, as well as produce genetic mutations in DNA, promoting skin cancer, melanoma of skin, cataracts and other disorders and reduce the process of photosynthesis in plants. Ozone helps to preserve life by absorbing harmful ultraviolet radiation on the health of human beings and helping to maintain thermal equilibrium of the atmosphere. Ozone has application in the synthesis of certain organic compounds, and above all, taking advantage of its high oxidizing power, ozone is used in sewage treatment plants of swimming pools and as a disinfectant treatment plants.

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