Dress For Cold

This blog is not a blog is a blog and its authors are ninja ninja-friendly, as you can prove notes as "a ninja is coming", "the ninjas and the quality of things" and "stealth ninja the throne" among others. If you want to see all the posts where appointing a ninja can click and see for yourself. Winter is coming and many ninjas are cool, because after all, are human (some), Ignomania cares about them and that is why we bring you this diver ninja with a phrase that serves to camouflage our status as ninjas ( camouflage is essential in a ninja) and says "damn ninjas" or "fucking ninjas", this phrase no one will suspect that this diver wearing a ninja in and pass unnoticed to the common people. How could it be otherwise, this brings diver adjustable hood for better camouflage and pockets, you can imagine how to walk with this diver ninja ninja: hands in pockets, hood down and head down, looking at the world with suspicion. You may wonder why being a diver diver ninja is white and not black, this is very clear, it is black and could raise suspicions as a true ninja. Moreover, it is warm!. You can buy it here for U $ S 43. Oh, it's warm?, Did you tried it?.

Flaco … to Ignomania it out for free. * If you notice that the word "ninja" was repeated more than you can support your tolerance is because it was extremely necessary. If you bothered to count how many times the word appears in this note, besides being half asshole you know that appears 20 times … That has a name: ninja precision.

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