Dominion Over Facts

I liberated me 30 times from my nicotine addiction. A marketing success! In his theory, Karl Marx (1818-1883) considered all religions soft facts as the opium of the people. FOCUS 35/2012 reads: CRYSTAL METH (synthetic drug methamphetamine) is faster addictive as heroin and cocaine. Crystal destroyed nerve cells and leads to almost irreparable personality changes. When old women their lives according to a religious Idol soft facts align, then it\’s a compulsive behavioral addictions.

When old men compulsive their daily alcohol consumption hard facts dingend need, then this is a compulsive dependency syndrome. An addiction is a biological brain disorder. This is from sustainable changes in the structure and function (proteins: matter + energy) of the brain triggered. Addiction sufferers get rid of their addictive substances so hard. By the urge to the obligation.

This is how our brain works: the human brain perceives his around world un aware in the form of images and contrasts: black or White. (analog; System 1, emotional \’auto-pilot\’) while it transforms people noticeably: something excites us. The brain thinks in addition causal associative: the parts and the whole. (digital; System 2, rational pilot). Hereby, we can influence our emotions: we can stop! Note: The more (+/-) emotions something intuitively raises, the more it is note necessarily un aware (bought, consumed, rejected)! Satisfaction by the map drives to the be plays. There are (+/-) musical which we recognize ourselves aware i.e. and can influence! They are about the senses of vision, hearing or touch. There are but also musical that un aware via, the SinneSchmecken and smell! A big baby is still as a \’ healthy bundle of \’ referred to. If baby\’s scream are they E.g. fed and she faces then satisfied. This oral satisfaction remains us life as pleasure factor. It was called\’s heart is through the stomach!\” in my youth. I call this food instead of pairing marriage women dominate this perfectly.

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