Converted Life

' As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is: the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became novo.' ' (2Co 5,17) Introduction Is indescritvel the largeness of the values of the kingdom of God. Its peculiarity not if never can, is impossible, to be imitated, or to create something substitutes that it. Its aspects are not deriving of intelligence human being, and nor firmed in assumptions. But they are perceivable, not in the expression specifically, but in the interior that identifies the God first (Rom 8,11)) ' ' but we are manifest the Deus' ' later for the verbalizao and behavior of the spiritual, presents if to the man (Rom. 8.11) ' ' and I wait that in your conscience let us be also manifestos' ' that it is unconditionally left to be led by the regenerative action of the power of Jesus Christ, when is treating, in the perfectioning Dos Santos. Christ passes has to inhabit inside of whom in one given moment in its life, he made a determinative and radical choice in its form of living. He has one express popular proverb that:: ' ' Who is alive always aparece' ' is truth, even though in the Christian life. considering for the truthful one of that God alone sees the man as alive when passes for the redentora workmanship of its Son, then we can say that all the livings creature generated and born of the kingdom of God in Jesus the rescuer, appear, present if, offers if, pleases, submits if the God, in agreement eats sacred description that says: (Rom 12,1) ' ' Rogos you therefore brothers, who you present your body in sacrifice vivo' ' . The paulina epistle to the Romans, also brings in prominence in its text, before and later, this in demonstration of that before it is part of the things that stops brings is.

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