Confronting Life\’s Challenges

Many people have the problem to deduce \” What is what they make better than dems\”. You simply need to think on his experiences of life. He creates a list of all the works that he has had sometimes, all the likings that have followed sometimes, all the voluntary works that have realised sometimes, every time it has helped somebody and that it has felt very well making it and all the situations challenging that it has had to surpass in its life. Then note in one lists its particular areas of abilities and interest. It sounds difficult? One does not worry, I go to do this easy one for you. The questionnaire of Derek Gehl To find Especiales\” Abilities;.

The following questions are designed to make think him on those subjects that get passionate really it to YOU. 1. You practice some sport? 2. If he had million dollars and one week of free time, you what you would do? He points the first activities that come to him to the mind. 3. What Web sites visit when he is \” navegando\” in Internet? What subjects cover? 4. You have gained a trophy or prize sometimes? Why I gain it? 5.

You have postulated yourself sometimes to realise some communitarian service? You what did? 6. You have domestic animal? What classes? 7. You have children? What is what better it does on being father? What finds more challenging? 8. You have any class of specialized education? You have taken classes on some subject that it likes? You have any class of continued academic education? 9. You have offered yourself how voluntary anywhere? What learned through this experience? 10. You have happened sometimes through a particularly challenging experience, and has become more fort than before? What was the challenging thing? And what made to surpass it?

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