Coclear Implantation

The success of one has implanted to coclear depends on many factors between them is related the age of up to 17 years, with severe or deep bilateral deficiency auditory neurossensorial; preferential the Coclear Implantation is indicated in auditory deficiency daily pay – lingual until the 6 years of age. Salient that the ideal age is from 1 year; previous adaptation of AASI (reverse speed) intensive auditory qualification to verify if mainly has benefit of this device in the severe auditory deficiencies, to present incapacity of recognition of words in ' ' set aberto' '. to be proceeding from adequate and motivated families for the use of the Coclear Implantation, DOWELL RC, HOLLOW R, WINTON E. Outcomes will be to cochlear implant users with significant residual hearing: implications will be selection would criteria in children. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2004 May; 130 (5): 575-81.

For not extending to me beyond the necessary one I will also make a simple comment it intrigues that me very. To who high technology of the Coclear Implantation is directed this? To the parents of the deaf people whom the chance of its son has to be able to be listener? To the deaf person who has the chance of being listener? We know well that them parents to have a diagnosised son deaf imply in many choices, since of as to create it, which school to frequent, as the familiar friends and will receive this news, the fear of this child will be discriminated and segregated, the confusion caused for disinformation to confuse many deaf times with necessities special, if goes to still opt to language d and signal or a surgery. Well difficult, beyond if having a child to create and to educate to have despite to decide optimum for it. But the important one is that before each taking of attitude this well it is guided and that the person is informed of its after and cons.

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