Many illnesses as diarria, verminoses and hepatitis can be prevented with the box cleanness d' adequate water. However, many times this cleanness is made in wrong or inefficient way. For this, we list below five tips to guarantee the complete cleanness of water box. 1. After to close the register and to empty the box d' water, closes the exit so that the dirt does not drain for the pipe. 2. When rubbing deep and the walls never use cleanness products. The ideal is to use only brushs or cloths.

3. It removes the dirt using cloths and buckets with clean water. 4. Now that the box is clean, must higienizar the pipes in a well simple way: for each a thousand liter of water to add one liter of sanitary water. After this procedure leaves the water without use for two hours.

Later it is alone to empty it and the pipes will be clean. 5. Soon! It is alone to cover the box with exactness to prevent entered of dirt and insects and to take off the lid the water entrance. Beyond preventing against direct illnesses, the correct cleanness of box d' water also will prevent the propagation of mosquitos, as the Aedes Aegypti, the transmitter of the affection, that at times with bigger incidence of heat, tends to multiply its reproduction, potencializando the cases of affection for the country. Case its company needs box cleanness d' professional water does not leave to set in motion companies with all the certificates and qualified for this task.

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