Children's bodies are constantly growing and evolving, and therefore responds differently to massage than the adult. Already at a very early age (before age 3) when there is intense development of the child, are of great importance massage and physical culture. Thanks to the extraordinary plasticity of the child's body, even slight, but systematic effect has an impact on child development. "Early age is the root from which the fortress depends on the value of the physical condition of the entire population. " C is believed that massage and physical training should begin with the first months of life. Observed good results during the massage and Gymnastics for children suffering from malnutrition, rickets. In this case, observed increase in body mass, improved skin turgor, normalization of muscle tone, increase range of motion in joints, improved emotional the child's condition. Likewise there are good results in the appointment of massage techniques and exercises to children with pneumonia.

Massage provides versatile impact on the child's body. Mechanism of action is the same as in adults (humoral, reflex, mechanical). It is known that the skin is a surface. The child, especially infants and the first years of life, it is of particular importance, since the surface of the skin in them in relation to body mass is much greater than in adults. Therefore, under the influence of massage in the central nervous system sent a large flow of pulses. Massage, as a tactile stimulus that affects development of speech, emotions of the child. In 1 month -1.5 slight pat on the cheek is already causing a child's smile, which is an indicator of pleasant experiences, due to a massage. Psychologists, teachers noticed that the first verbal reactions occur when stroking the legs, abdomen.

In the infancy of particular importance is abdominal massage. It promotes the release of gases, strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent expansion of umbilical ring of so-called "hernial. Rules for making massage are the same as in adults. Massage produce from the periphery to the center: on the lower extremities – from the foot to the inguinal glands on the upper extremities – from wrist to shoulder. However, touching the skin of the child should be easily, gently. It is not recommended to massage the inner thighs to prevent manifestations of sexual reflexes. This massage the abdomen to caress the liver, without affecting genitals, and effleurage back – to spare the kidneys. This massage is recommended their limbs slightly bent. Before proceeding to the massage therapist must establish contact with the child, that he was not afraid of him, not cried. It is recommended to start the massage, when the child was 5 weeks. You must choose a time that the baby was not hungry, did not want to sleep, and he had a good mood, then the massage will be beneficial and the effect of the procedures will be more! No need to carry out all procedures at once if you have just started to do massage, enter the massage techniques gradually become accustomed.

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