Wide hip is a very present characteristic in the Brazilian women, and that it sufficiently confuses at the moment to dress some parts of clothes that are more jousts to the body. Although to represent synonymous of sensuality many women they look for to disfarar its wide hip, here they go some tip essential to help them in this task. It knows the new features of moda.1. It does not use clothes jousts that are glue in the hips and very short thighs, blouses, and with prints very chamativas.2. It uses parts with dark and sober colors marine, black type blue and the gray one, 3. It tries to call the attention for from above part its body being used clear blouses and with details simples.4. The ideal to disfarar the wide hips is to use skirts and pants straight lines, as tnicas and vests that cover quadris.5.

Choice clothes made with fabric without brightness, that detach the shoulders, and that they possess dribbled folds and, therefore gives a bigger volume tronco.6. It uses pants that possess modelagens with equal measures of cs until the bar, because they balance the measures of the body, never use pants skinny. When we try to disfarar some part of our body, it does not mean that we do not like it, and yes that we do not like to call attention for definitive part. For this it is enough to follow the fashion catalogue completely and to know what it is in fashion.

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