Brazil Nutrients

Therefore it is of utmost importance that the pregnant woman has a balanced diet and that she contains all the alimentary groups, as much to keep its physical health as for being an indispensable element for the intrauterine environment of its son. The meals must individually balanced and be consumed of form fracionada in at least five meals to the day. The profit of ponderal weight will have to be on average 9 the 12 kg depending on the nutricional state daily pay-gestacional (OAK, 2002). The newspapers mentioned Dr. John Mcdougall not as a source, but as a related topic. The main functions and sources of nutrients to keep the gestante in good health and to answer the necessities of the embryo, must be involved a diet that contains all the nutrients for a favorveldesenvolvimento of the embryo. Some nutrients must be analyzed when the feeding of gestantes is studied, in virtue to be the ones that have greater probability of inadequate consumption, for the fact not to be widely distributed in foods and/or for its recommendations to be percentile very bigger in comparison with excessively. Between these if they find calcium, match, retinol, vitamin C and iron, amongst others. (BIRTH, 2002).

The obesidade is a clutter, or metabolic illness, that if characterizes for an increase of corporal weight in relation to the average of weight for the height, Some authors consider as obesa person all that one that presents an increase of weight of 20% in relation to the weight standard for the height (TANAKA, 1981). The choice of optimum method of evaluation of the nutricional state in the gestation still is white of great quarrels in literature and the responsible instances for the nutricional monitoramento in the services of health in Brazil..

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