Bolick Biofilme

However, the cost of the patient inhaled with the closed system is bigger comparing itself with the open system of suction. (ZEITOUN et al., 2001) the crossed transmission of microorganisms is another one important factor of contamination, being able to occur through contaminated hands of the health team that manipulates the invasive devices. Being thus, to increase the conscience of the team how much to the hygiene of the hands she is one of the main measures for the prevention of the PAVM. In accordance with Bolick (2000) apud Pavo (2006), some studies calculates that 30% of the hospital infections could be prevented if the health professionals washed the hands carefully before and after entering in contact with corporal liquids and they carried through the procedures in correct way. Patients of UTI present deficient buccal hygiene and bigger settling of biofilme buccal for respiratory patgenos. Being that the amount and the complexity increase with the internment time. These data lead to suggest that the settling of biofilme buccal for patgenos, in special the respiratory ones, can be a specific source of important nosocomial infection in UTI, a time that the bacteria gifts in the mouth can be inhaled and to cause aspiration pneumonias.

The microorganisms can contaminate the inferior respiratory treatment through four possible ways: 1) aspiration of the content of orofaringe; 2) infectados aerosol inhalation; 3) dissemination of the infection through contiguous areas; 4) hematognica dissemination through extrapulmonary infectious areas (P. former.: infection of the gastrintestinal treatment). Thus, it can be discoursed that biofilme buccal with deficient hygiene, would result in high concentration of patgenos in the saliva, that could be inhaled for the lung in great amounts, having spoiled the natural defenses. Also, through specific conditions, biofilme buccal could shelter colonies of pulmonary patgenos and promote its growth. Finally, the bacteria gifts in biofilme buccal could facilitate the settling of the superior aerial ways for pulmonary patgenos.

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