Assistolia Causes

Essential the clinical signal is the pulse absence (KNOBEL, 2006). As Matsumoto (2008) the diagnosis of the cardiac mechanism of the cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) depends on the monitorizao of the cardiac rhythm, being importantssimo its precocious recognition, that is necessary to effect the treatment and, therefore, to improve the supervened one of the victim; in such a way the author I defined the modalities of PCR in: Assistolia: It is characterized for the absence of detectable pulse in the presence of some type of electric activity, abstaining it Taquicardia Ventricular (TV) and Fibrilao Ventricula (FV). Ventricular Fibrilao (FV): It is the incoordenada contraction of the myocardium in consequncia of the chaotic activity of different groups of miocrdicas staple fibres, resulting in the total inefficiency of the heart in keeping an income of adjusted sanguineous volume. Ventricular Taquicardia without pulse (TV): It is the fast succession of ventricular ectpicos beatings that can take accented hemodinmica deterioration, arriving exactly at the absence of concrete arterial pulse, when, then, a modality of cardiac arrest is considered, having to be dealt with the same vigor of the ventricular fibrilao (FV). Electric activity without pulse (AESP): It is the absence of detectable pulse in the presence of some type of electric activity; with exclusion of TV or FV. 2.1.4 Main causes of the Cardiorrespiratria Stop Pear tree (2009) classify the causes of PCR in: cardiopaths (pertinent to the heart) and extracardiopaths (related to other causes).

Innumerable toxic agents can induce to a cardiorrespiratria stop for central respiratory depression and paralysis of the respiratory muscle. In adults, the coronariana illness is the main cause of PCR. Cardiac causes: infarto of the myocardium; dilatada cardiomiopatia; sistmica arterial hipertenso; episodes of atrial fibrilao (63%); cardiognico shock. Extracardiac causes: politrauma; hipovolmico and hemorrhagic, septic shock; aspiration of the gastric content; pricked of snake; toxic causes; hipotermia; blockage of aerial ways for strange body and asphyxia.

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