Artificial Insemination

At present, besides the natural way to get pregnant, there are methods of artificial insemination (vaginally and endometrial), IVF and ICSI technique (intracytoplasmic injection spermatozoon in the oocyte). Artificial intrauterine insemination Artificial insemination vnutrematochnaya (VMI), donor sperm can be carried out only in reproductive medicine clinics experienced. Remember that alone can not produce the VMI. Clinics typically promise 15-20% success rate (as in ordinary heterosexual contact). The chances of success depend on the health of the woman, and the quality of sperm donor. Usually neobhomo make a few procedures, however, there are attempts to reserve – is six cycles. If during the six cycles of a woman unable to conceive with an intrauterine insemination, doctors will likely advise you to apply to the method IVF, since vitro fertilization probability of becoming pregnant higher.

IVF IVF – is a more sophisticated method of artificial insemination – namely, it is in vitro fertilization. Embryologist links eggs with sperm directly into the test tube. In a woman's body is introduced already fertilized egg. In Vitro Fertilization takes much more time compared with other methods conception, and conducted in several stages. The first step is to prepare a woman's body for conception.

With special preparations are stimulated the growth of oocytes, when both ovaries mature multiple follicles. This is called superovulation stimulation with ultrasound monitoring. Then, the maintenance of hormones for the end of the maturation of oocytes. Then produce a puncture of follicles, and after that received eggs fertilized with donor sperm.

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