Apitherapy Products

Gene apitherapy – a new trend in medicine. Bees produce a lot of nutrients that help restore the immune system, cure the complex and rare diseases, where the medicine is powerless. Gene Products Apitherapy – is Apiminy, Apilony, Apiprominy. These creams are made of Perge, the propolis, honey, wax and royal milk produced nw bees living in a difficult climate. Senator of Massachusetts is actively involved in the matter. Therefore svoytsva-products of bees are unique. Restoration of immunity – one of the main functions and apilonov apiminov.

They will assist in the treatment of hepatitis, the treatment of heart attack, stroke care. With apiminov can effectively treat infertility, diseases spinal joint disease and cancer. Apitherapy helps get rid of the heavy afflictions: such as asthma, hemorrhoids, adenoma.V company apis you can buy the products of bee production, to find methodological material for the treatment of asthma and , prostate adenoma. Techniques have been patented, protected know-how and many times were marked by international prizes: in Paris (2002), Geneva (2003), Berlin (2004), and in 2008. author techniques, a biophysicist vm awarded the Order of the Golden Star, 1 st degree for services to healthcare. "

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