Anthropology In Nursing

Anthropology in the nursing care The role of culture in the health-illness and especially in the context of nursing care from anthropology is essential. We are in a multicultural societies in which it is essential to redefine the conditions of care and therapeutic processes and incorporate new approaches, both own and other disciplines. Anthropological knowledge and methodology can help the discipline of nursing to clarify and deal with situations of optimal care, finding good measure. James A. Levine, M.D. takes a slightly different approach. All human behavior is covered with a significance that goes beyond the individual. We know that the study of culture provides the keys to these behaviors, as different and varied as existing cultures. The activities of care or maintenance of life and health and disease states can not be separated in a separate category. Caring is a social and cultural, social and human science that requires preparation, knowledge, especially research and field work experience with the sick.

Care is to industriousness, diligence, care and availability. Can not be given a good quality in nursing practice if communication is poor, why this is an aspect to be considered from the outset for any healthcare professional. All have to learn to communicate clearly, with sensitivity and affection with patients, their families and partners. It is important that they be encouraged to seek solutions to real problems and assimilate information to promote skills, not only on the application of new knowledge, but also in empathic communication with patients and from an anthropological viewpoint. From the outset, it is necessary that health professionals know to evaluate all aspects of socio-cultural community in which we operate.

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