A Sick Heart

-Yes? – I like – honestly Kostya. – Only my mother and grandfather have not let me on the creek. And all because his grandfather is very sick heart, and the doctor said it should be protected. Here are my mother and grandmother and they are afraid that something might have happened with my grandfather on a small river. Son of chattering stranger that was relevant only to our family. I tried to straighten Kostya, but he just took off from his shoulder and my arm went on to tell what ought to be silent. – And with my dad, why do not you go? – Suddenly asked the man. – Or he does not have the time? – I just have no father – suddenly a voice said pogrustnevshim Kostya.

– Last, but not now. He brought to our house the other aunt, and mom told him to go. He was gone. Do you have children? There! As always, bones begin to talk to strangers about our family life. And, with all the details. How many times have I told him said that this should not be, it's very ugly. But every time it repeats again. – No, – in the eyes of the men ran a shadow of sadness.

– I have no children. But when something will be. Maybe. And do not be sad. Will you have a dad. It is only necessary wait. – Here, – in the voice of the son revealed a note of interest. – And can we contact you … No! Only this is not enough. Now the son will tell what his great mother, a cook and that she is not good to be alone. And then completely invite a man to us for tea. Such a case we have already once been. We were at a party, and my son began to make a match.

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