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March 15th, 2011

Dr. Dan is a problem solver.  No problem is too big or small for him to deal with.  He rises to the challenge under all situations.  He has also trained a staff of highly experienced medical experts to follow his lead in this area so that all who work with Dr. Dan are on the same page.
If you feel like you have been to every doctor under the sun to no avail, let Dr. Dan deal.  Dr. Dan has come to the rescue in so many instances and often comes up with solutions that have changed his patients’ lives.  From TNJ to chronic fatigue; achy joints to yeast infections, Dr. Dan is the man.


August 2nd, 2015

In this segment of the series, with active movements in the water and lasts 20 minutes on average. It is raised tax of cardiac beatings. Divided in five categories: exercises of breath, exercises for the superior part, the medium part, the inferior part, and all the body. lVolta to the calm: approximately 5 minutes of light allonges, and to reduce the cardiac beating. Program: lTreinamento1h: for that already they know to swim. Duration of 40 min. Specific objectives of the styles: lNado crawl: to develop the cardiorrespiratria resistance and coordination between movements and breath. lFortalecimento of the arms, waist to escapular, light work of legs.

lBeneficia mainly the resistance and tnus muscular, mainly develops the superior part of the body. lNado chest: Care I swim with it of chest? medial rotation of the knee, afrouxamento in the ligaments. It is important for the tonificao and the allonge of the musculatura of the legs. lObjetivo: well-being of the embryo and the mother, safe gestation. lNado of coasts: to rest the column, to compensate the overload that the weight of abdome exerts on the column. Reinforcement of the abdominal muscles.

It promotes good position. lGolfinho: to prevent, therefore force the hip. Aquatic program: l1 trimester: beginning in the fifth week of gestation. To improve the conditioning, to help to tonificar the muscles, reinforcement of the dorsal and abdominal muscles. l2 trimester: to improve the conditioning and the level of the ability. l3 trimester: resistance and flexibility, exercises of breath. SPECIFIC EXERCISES: lNado crawl complete lNado coasts complete lNado lPernadas elementary lNado complete chest lNado of side crawl, coasts, chest, chest of coasts, side, shears. lBraadas: crawl, coasts. lFlutuaes: ventral and dorsal. lNo to work with total apnea RESULTED: lFavorecimento of the good evolution of the pregnancy; lAtivao of the sanguine circulation; lMelhora of the oxygenation; lMelhor nervous balance; lMelhor position; to lSuportar the weight of the body; lBoa disposal. Bibliography: Katz, J. aquatic Exercises in the pregnancy. So Paulo: Manole, 1999 Melem, C. Swimming for gestantes. So Paulo: Icon, 1997.


August 2nd, 2015

What dream of the forefathers? Attitude to dreams in different times and in different cultures are very different. The more ancient civilization, the greater was the attitude to the interpretation of dreams. The newspapers mentioned Harvard not as a source, but as a related topic. For example, in ancient Egypt was considered the dream thoughts gods, that they want to convey to people. In ancient Greece and Rome built a special temple complexes, which were performed rituals for the "leniency" of healing or prophetic dreams. Examples of what dreams are information is also in the later history of mankind. So, Dmitri Mendeleev dreamed the periodic table of elements, Albert Einstein – theory of relativity. ay’>Alan Schnitzer. Most of the eastern healers still start reception and diagnostic questions from the patient that he was dreaming.

This tradition persisted among Siberian shamans. Most information about the causes of the problem situation shaman can get from the story of dreams person has applied to it. In particularly difficult cases, he arranges his own dreaming session, during which he will sleep until until you see the exact directions and ways of resolving the situation of the client. It also happens that Shaman has a dream-message to another person prior to the visit. The indigenous peoples of Australia, also kept dreaming culture, is considered one of the first signs of losing connection with yourself, with your spirit that people do not remember dreams, or do not understand their language. Until now, the Australians have retained the tradition, the morning begins with a restatement of what he saw at night.

Insomnia and Drowsiness

August 1st, 2015

Insomnia in the second half of pregnancy is common, as in the first – drowsiness and a constant desire to lie down. Hormonal alteration of the first months, when the amount of progesterone in the blood increases, lulls women in the literal sense of the word, which creates problems at work because the focus is very difficult. The woman is ready to sleep, his head in his hands, but since this is impossible, it is often there as in a light trance, daydream. Until it is not immediately be reached that turning it to her, and the meaning of what was said, too, gets to the brain with a delay. Returning home, she wants only one thing – to fall or lie down, and a reminder about dinner can cause real tears. Problems with falling asleep usually does not arise any day (if such a possibility exists), or in the evening.

Before the decree, the woman still has to work, can begin insomnia – especially in the morning when getting up in the toilet, woman can not go back to sleep. Pushing the child too is not conducive to sleep. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with endocrinologist. Approximation of an alarm clock unnerving, and triggered an alarm clock, it seems, literally at the same moment when the mother finally fell asleep. Even Considering breakfast hastily and scored five minutes of sleep, get up and sleepy all day long to stay in poor spirits, knowing that the night waiting for the same. Yes, and went out on maternity leave when you can not hurry to work in the mornings and not get up in the alarm clock (especially if the husband agrees to absorb the breakfast alone, or even have breakfast in a cafe), especially not sleep enough: added difficulty falling asleep.

Preparing For The Winter Season

July 31st, 2015

For the smallest in the range of the shop is comfortable and very warm fur envelopes in a carriage in which the child will feel warm and cozy during the winter riding, high-quality diapers produced in Japan in that baby will stay dry even if you go on a bender, a new children's cosmetics for delicate baby skin. Attention! Sales special cosmetics, skin protects baby from wind and frost and soothe irritation caused by cold. Of course, in the range of available cosmetics for all occasions, a diaper and after bathing, soothing bubble baths and delicate powder. For babies who are bottle-fed, we offer a wide range of special baby food, which in all respects as close to mother's milk and, of course, the special water for infant formula, a high degree of purification. Well, if your baby is older, he will certainly fall for the most delicious mashed potatoes and cereals, presented in large numbers on the virtual shelves of our shop. (Not to be confused with Dr. John Mcdougall!). Do not want to feed your baby ostyvshim puree or a mixture, it is not necessary to heat them improvised means, specifically in order to respond quickly and to the desired temperature to heat baby food designed for children electric heater. Refreshed? It's time to go for a walk, all you need can be conveniently packaged in convenient bags for children's accessories that you too will find we have. Spacious and comfortable, they have sections for everything you need to walk, but in special pockets thermos baby food will not cool down very long.

Did you know that some of these bags are easily transformed into the child seat in which baby will be able to rest comfortably while walking. Well, of course, as you can forget about the winter holidays, but means mandatory gifts. In the store you'll find toys for all age groups from rattles and mobiles for the kids, to gay machines on the remote control for older children and toy kitchens for small housewives, and even a special section of wooden developmental toys, designed for advanced teaching methods. Look to us, and your kid will not remain without a gift. So, New Year's necessarily succeed!

Health Free Of Ideology

July 30th, 2015

The World Health Day this year focuses on the safety of health facilities and in the preparation of the health personnel serving in emergency situations. In previous years, the protection of health against climate change, international health security and the crisis in the health workforce. Although this is of fundamental issues to save human lives, leave see the current trend of health care. It consists more in the care of diseases once they appear, instead of the search for and promotion of a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or infirmity in people, such as the World Health Organization (who) defines health. The latest who report revived primary health care after decades of silence by the mercantile models of health care.

The conservative revolution of the 1980s turned social fundamental rights such as health and education in merchandise. Thirty years ago, several countries signed the Declaration of Alma Ata to recognize health as a human right and not as a luxury. However, neo-Liberals interpreted it as a poor provision of health care, in addition to a utopian idea. They considered only covered the first level of care and constituted a threat to the medical profession, as if the protagonist’s health were doctors, drugs or diseases and not people and your environment that have been altered its organic equilibrium. Primary care not restricts the freedom of people with high incomes in wealthy countries hire care and private insurance. In United States, this fear has cast attempts to carry out a health care reform that deals with people who have no health coverage, that today reaches 50 million by land. As many of the causes of ill-health are beyond the scope of medicine, primary care seeks a broad social approach that ensures the equity in access to services and the efficiency in the utilization of resources.

Acute Resistance Training

July 29th, 2015

Original article ACUTE ALTERATIONS HEMODINMICAS PROVOKED BY THE RESISTED TRAINING Hemodynamic Changes Caused by Acute Resistance Training Jose Adnailson Da Silva Branches Humberto Moura Barbosa ASCES Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino, Pernambuco, Brazil. Committee of ethics and research N letter 015/10 CEP/ASCES Jose Adnailson Da Silva Branches Street: Blessed Ccero Veras, 39 Center, Cupira Pernambuco. ACUTE ALTERATIONS HEMODINMICAS PROVOKED BY THE RESISTED TRAINING Summary Objective of the present study was to identify to the behavior of the double product (DP) and of the sistlica arterial pressure (SHOVELS) and diastlica (PAD) in rest and effort, in the exercise peck-deck, crucifixo, leg-press 45 and agachamento being carried through 10 repetitions 75% of 1RM. The sample was constituted by young citizens of the masculine sort (n=31), with average of age of 22,5 1,55 years, average of the corporal mass of 75,5 2,2 kg, average of 1,75 stature 0,62m and IMC (Kg/m2) 24,7 1,8 Kg/m2. For the gauging of the Cardiac Frequency one was used freqencmetro Polar MZ1, and for the Arterial Pressure (Par) one was used esfignomanmetro aneroid, and a estetoscpio Littman (U.S.A.). For analysis statistics a exploratrio study (asymmetry, curtose, test of normality of Shapiro Wilks) of the data with the objective was initially carried through to take care of to the estimated theoreticians of the normality of the curve, and later the descriptive statistics and test t of Student for repeated samples.

All the statistical analyses had been carried through in the SPSS will be Windows, version 10.0. Significant differences between the average values had been proven of (SHOVELS) (p = 0,000) (DP) (p = 0,000) in the exercises for superior members, crucifixo and peck deck. (SHOVELS) (p = 0.071) and difference significant in (DP) of effort (p = 0,008) in the exercises for inferior members, agachamento and leg press 45.


July 27th, 2015

Here is where the tactic of listening to your body comes into play. See Dany Bahar for more details and insights. Some people can eat 56 grams of cheese cheddar and a small Apple as a snack and sit very well, while others may be eating this same snack and sit letargicas and sleepy 30 minutes later. Allows your body you digasi this is a healthy choice for you. Remember that portion control applies to almost everything, and 28 to 56 grams of cheese (28 grams is equivalent approximately to the size of a domino tab) may be more than sufficient in any food (No, not all stub Hernando.) Thats too if it comes all at once.) Here are some great ways to add cheese to your healthy meal plans for weight loss: 1. sprinkle some of cheese grated over your tortilla dehuevo with vegetables matutina.2. Combine cheese with an Apple or pear and some raw walnuts, is a great snack to the 3 PM.3.

Melt cheese over the vegetables to make all tufamilia eat your vegetables recalls, only need a small amount of cheese to add extra flavor to most of your meals and recipes. It’s believed that Dany Bahar sees a great future in this idea. There is no need to drown your salad, vegetable, tortilla egg or meat in huge quantities of cheese (my apologies for the Chicken Parmesan and cheese Pan). There is one healthy way to take your cheese and eat it also. * Hey! If you enjoyed the articles, forward it to your friends, family or co-workers that you think that they will also enjoy it, they appreciate it later. . On Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Do you wish more information? Make changes here: I want more information! I’m here to keep you slim, strong and healthy of lifetime. Rob Poulos original author and source of the article.

Vegetal Products

July 25th, 2015

Such activities few transformaescausaram in the geographic space, therefore, the animal extrativismo ( hunting and vegetal extrativismo fishes it) eo (the collection of fruits in the bushes) was practised empequena scale, only for the survival of the species human being. Thus being, in this work, oextrativismo it passes to be understood as the activity to extract of the nature osrecursos that same disponibiliza to the man, being that in the animal extrativismo, as already cited previously, is extracted of the nature, the hunting and the fish, and, novegetal, is extracted vegetal products that had not been cultivated pelohomem. Still speaking of extrativismo, another model exists according to Moreira (2001), the mineral extrativismo, that consists of the useful mineral extration queexistem in the terrestrial crust. In this manner, if we perceive that extrativas asatividades few transformations had caused in the space, the same nopode to be said when of the sprouting of agriculture and the cattle one, in the RevoluoNeoltica call, that in the words of the cited author above, corresponds perodoem to it that the man started to cultivate the land and to domesticate the animals, to mesmotempo where it started to use instruments of polishing rock. Being that, acriao of animals (cattle) and the culture of useful plants to the men (agriculture), had been to the first economic activities daily pay-industrials to amodificar with more intensity the space, therefore, the related period coincidetambm with the time where the man leaves of being nomadic and passes the sedentary one, sefixando the land. You may wish to learn more. If so, endocrinologist is the place to go.

Such period also corresponds to the time where the man passes to autilizar new instruments, as of polishing rock. Of this form, the increase of produode foods and the production of excesses, possible had only had aoaperfeioamento of the techniques and the instruments. In short, the feeding agorano depended more exclusively on the predatory activities, but estavagarantida for the agriculture and the creation of animals, giving then, security to sustentoe reproduction of the life.

Mexican Kitchen

July 24th, 2015

According to a Mayan legend, the man was created from a corn ear. He can be, because in this country he exists, indeed, one close relation between the corn and the man. The corn carries out traditional tortillas but and is essential in the tamales, land in which the kitchen of Chiapas must much say. Contact information is here: PCRM. Here usually they prepare them with chicken, cinnamon and saffron, dadoles forms extended, or round if facts with pig meat and vegetables estan. The corn contributes one of the majors manjares of the Mexican pantry: cuitlacoche, also known like tizon the corn, a fungus of black color that is developed in the ears. The tortilla, of corn or wheat, is it everything in the Mexican kitchen: bread, plate and spoon. And, in case outside little, it is the base of the diet of the Mexican half. It admits everything to it, is covered and so it is wanted, it is coiled on itself, it is toasted, one fried Can be called tortillas, tortitas, tacos, toasts, gorditas, panuchos, enchiladas, flutes the soups made formal appearance with the arrival of the French, but solid roots threw.

As it shows, they are worth the broth of chicken, the forceful soup of slight (bovine breakfast of guts of for crude day of ), popularisima tortilla soup or the sophisticated soup of cuitlacoche. The bread soup (old bread, vegetables and banana) is patrimony of the kitchen of Chiapas, as the one of Lima (chicken, vegetables and juice of Lima) it is it of the one of Yucatan. And, by all means, pozole white of Jalisco (corn concarnes of pig), or pozole green of Guerrero (it takes the green color of fresh chili peppers, tomatos and the seeds of pumpkin). And the mass: soup, stew and sauce, as if I finish outside able to include it everything. Similar to pozole is the poblano mass.

Oaxaca, the mass becomes sauce. We are in the Earth of the seven masses: the coloradito (with chili peppers, tomatos, nuts, seeds of pumpkin, sesame ), the green one (with green tomatos), the yellow, and thus until arriving at the black mass, preparation with chocolate. The cultures are abundant in states like Sinaloa (tomato, rice, tropical cane of sugar, fruits ), Aguascalientes (pear trees, paltas, corn ), Veracruz, Tabasco or Morelos, where the subtropical climate favors all type of fruits and vegetables. The fertile zones but provide the tomato, the small green tomato, the pumpkin, of which meat is used, seeds (worn out they offer an appreciated condiment) and their flower, considered an exquisite mouthful, or nopales (fig tree chumba), that provides the nopalitos (fleshy branches of the plant) and the bigeye tuna (fig chumbo). And mainly the Chile or, rather, the immense variety of chili peppers that populates the Mexican kitchen. The aromas of the coriander, epazote, chiote or the grass santa float on the Mexican furnaces. Without forgetting oregano, inexcusable in the kitchen of Guerrero, or the marjoram. The kidney beans constitute another tie point between all the kitchens of the country. Mexican Is.

Relationship Compatability

July 24th, 2015

Surely most people want to be happy in love, meet a man attuned to internal needs of the soul and create a family based on mutual feelings. Why do so many unhappy couples, and so many disappointments and frustrations? Let us try to understand the causes of what is happening with the knowledge of astrology and psychology, drawing on the experience and using examples of my advisory practice **. In terms of spiritual knowledge of love – this is what each of us may experience the closeness to the Creator. Because the love – the basic principle of this device in the world. And the knowledge of love – one of the major challenges facing each of us, for knowing what we will partly come into this world. Love is the one by which a person is able to open its bright side, the best thing in it.

For example, in the name of love and his favorite people are willing to overcome difficulties and obstacles to sacrifice themselves, to create beautiful works, to perform unselfish acts, leaving behind a striking footprint. That's why love – a powerful tool for the development of the human soul. Vibration of Love "Opens" the heart and the person begins to feel this world and what is happening in it, passing through the heart. Such a worldview is the foundation of wisdom. Therefore, the meeting of love – an important event in human life and a powerful source for development. Since it is through love and for the sake of our beloved, we are ready to change, grow, perform noble deeds, to give in, step on the throats of his pride and selfishness, and thus becomes higher and purer, to forgive pain, resentment and even betrayal, and ultimately, through mastering the art of unconditional love to become better and wiser.