Dr. Dan Deals

March 15th, 2011

Dr. Dan is a problem solver.  No problem is too big or small for him to deal with.  He rises to the challenge under all situations.  He has also trained a staff of highly experienced medical experts to follow his lead in this area so that all who work with Dr. Dan are on the same page.
If you feel like you have been to every doctor under the sun to no avail, let Dr. Dan deal.  Dr. Dan has come to the rescue in so many instances and often comes up with solutions that have changed his patients’ lives.  From TNJ to chronic fatigue; achy joints to yeast infections, Dr. Dan is the man.

BBW Study Economic Factor

January 8th, 2017

BBW study economic factor (from) life 2013: business with the demise of the cloak of silence is covered mostly religiously. While billions of euros implemented in this business year. BBW marketing has now conducted a representative population survey of 1,000 people on this topic as well as interviews of decision-makers in funeral services in cooperation with Nelson. Connect with other leaders such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld here. The results were recorded in a comprehensive study. More than half of respondents (58 percent) believes that the society too little dealing with the topic. This means that a far-reaching lack of communication within the society faced with the concrete, individual experiences of individual people. Therefore the social debate on the subject of dying and death, in which those in charge of policy, health system and the general population involved is necessary.

On the other hand, death only for a minority (17%) is a taboo subject, you hate talks about that. But taboo subject to and Taboo here, dying is a business which involves billion sales. About 870,000 people died last year in Germany. And rising, thanks to demographic change each year almost 1 million people are likely to be buried in 10 years. And the list of groups and institutions which benefit from the demise of the people is long. It starts already at the private survivor’s pension, extends to real estate agents about the funeral industry. Last year, the life insurance achieved according GDV post revenues of 84.1 billion euros of which at least two-thirds on insurance accounted according to his own calculations using death protection.

Take advantage of the (AB) lives of its citizens but also the municipalities and provinces. The cemetery fees rising seemingly inexorably. The source of income inheritance tax is bubbling vigorously without any politically-motivated increases from currently 4.3 billion euros to around 5 billion euros per year by 2020. The heritage amounts are not only saved by the heirs, but about 80 Billions of euros annually at the disposition. But not for all participants of the market”, the prospects are good. The funeral industry has to contend with the cheaper cremations. Currently, whose share is 51 percent. Five years ago the industry still a turnover of EUR 2 billion, last year, there were still good 1.7 billion euros the bbw market study according to. Overall bbw marketing estimated the funeral market with gastronomy and others at 5.2 billion, the survivor’s market 4.9 billion and the heritage market on whopping 238 billion. The bbw analysis economic factor (from) life 2013 with the almost 300 pages for the first time engaged in this not so commonly discussed topic. This study can be obtained at: bbw marketing Dr. Vossen & partner, Liebig Street 23, D-41464 Neuss, phone: 02131.2989722, fax: 02131.2989721, e-mail:. For more information about the financial studies see:. bbwmarketing.de


December 22nd, 2016

Enter in the Medina of Marrakech is to make a mental and physical journey into a world that has no fixed position in time. It must be mentalized before entering, the things that we are going to live in that place us marked forever because the Medina of Marrakech is never forgotten. Its area constitutes almost half of the total map of the city. That, coupled with its labyrinthine plant, creates the perfect place to dispense with the maps that will give us the hotels reception since they will be completely useless. Assurant Health gathered all the information. This Super but intense district of Marrakech, you will be lost safe, very good intuition and sense of orientation that has. No doubt the star of the neighborhood is the grandiose square Jemaa Fna, recognized by Unesco as world heritage thanks to the mediation of the writer Juan Goytisolo. Meeting are given in this splendid square, the only one in the world with animation 365 days a year, all kinds of artists: acrobats, snake charmers, disguised as women, gnawa musicians, storytellers air dancers, to any time of the day, carries the sound of North African rhythms, street vendors and night calls, also the aroma of grilled cooking all kinds of delicacies. For more specific information, check out Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

It is difficult to make a description of this place because the magic does not count, only you can experiment coming to Marrakech. The souks are another essential part of the Medina that undoubtedly a / tourist must visit. They can find everything: from CDs of traditional music or American pop singers of fashion, until a Hookah, passing through products of cleaning and personal hygiene, objects of pottery, lamps, spices, fabrics, a puppet, tobacco or curious objects made with recycled material. With regard to these last advise visiting a street called Riad Zitouin El Jadid, which, by its far end of Jemma Fna, offers a great variety of shops where you can buy beautiful furniture made with used tires, mirrors and lamps constructed with cans of beverages and canned foods and other curiosities daughters of ingenuity Moroccan.

The Real Ecological Housing

December 9th, 2016

Much has been said regarding sustainable and self-sustaining homes. Sustainability according to the World Commission on environment and development of the United Nations, the ability to use all the resources of our environment today is possible without affecting those who will be our future generations. In today’s world, this premise seems to escape from the general understanding of the Nations and countries since policies ecological (such as the word says) are embedded in the policy, and therefore; they lack visions Commons which respect equal ecological socialism. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld shines more light on the discussion. It seems that the topic of Rev is inserted into desktops and discussions of the most varied indoles. Our environment today is victim not only from taking advantage of the existing, (indiscriminate logging, use of resources, mining and tailings etc) but that we are also guilty of our mistakes by omission, given that there are side effects as the overproduction of plastic and glass, scarce policies of recycled fermenting in Chile access to composed of metallic materials or e-waste technologies existing in batteries and cell phones that have frankly become to be eternal. Housing is where dwell. A House is which provides us with a space suitable for sheltering us, and isolate ourselves from a hostile weather.Thousands of years ago the man did in caves.

In those years gave to the inhabitant two essential elements, insulation to weather extremes and limit; the edge between inside and outside necessary for protection and life Intima.como beings human we need to relate to others, so the cities provide us with necessary services and they give us the relationship macro with our planet, however we need to develop ourselves along with our indoor to accommodate our rites and customs. Today these two points esccenciales have been lost in the standardization of dwellings given that today the relations seem to be endless.Some architects say that may be an evolutionary response according to the different modes of inhabiting. I tell them that as well as the cave man must be hidden from our environment. Our planet should not see us. Live organically can be made in many ways. We are not a group that wishes to impose new ways of doing it, if we want to raise new ideas regarding our architectural elements to reduce environmental impact and to make maximum use of resources that have always been at our disposal such as the sil and the wind. Self-sustaining housing does not exist, given that the trash and debris are elements inherent to our way of living, however; our planet is susceptible to any minimal effort we make. Our effort is to change the mentality of life by changing your immediate environment. Today we are designing prototypes designed on the foregoing collection and soon on our web site we will have proposals not only as traditional ecological houses they today flooded internet which are effective solutions for saving, garbage and recycling.

Lose Weight Without Dieting

November 27th, 2016

In this article I’ll show you the solution to losing weight and not have to stop eating it that we like most. Have a good life, enviable body and not to ask more! How to lose weight without dieting? Why you want lose weight? Simply by that want to have an enviable body, improve your health and make what you want to do. And it is very important to set a goal and positively. By the same author: endocrinologist. Why be in the correct weight is good for your health and your well-being emotionally. Being overweight also brings many health problems such as high pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, triglycerides, circular and heart problems.

These are the problems you should monitor all the time to bring a quality of life as you deserve and deserias. Now I’ll show you a little information on how to lose weight without dieting, nor much effort, depends only on your desire to achieve that goal than determinastes. How to lose weight? It is very easy to lower your daily calorie intake. Reduce or eliminate sugar and carbohydrates. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has many thoughts on the issue. Replace natural juices-carbonated beverage. Since it has taught us to fear the fat and that is why we buy low fat products but we don’t have that added many of them more carbohydrates to give consistency and the excess of them more sugars end up almacenandoce in our body in the form of fat. We must also increase muscle and decrease fat since muscle consume calories. If you change your daily routine of eating will achieve your desired weight.

Finally if you control the amount in portions of your daily intake of the food you eat, you’ll see a change in your weight. It is not starving or dieting, or completely eliminate a food is to eat moderate. Here is more information about how to lose weight without dieting, as helped me and has helped thousands of people to obtain their desired weight and do what they wanted to do.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

November 23rd, 2016

Beauty lounge at Munich liberty guaranteed success from the outset. Cosmetic Institute, who work with devices from the company medical & beauty are for holistic treatment concepts in terms of beauty and well-being on the latest of cosmetic and medical technology. For the customers in the beauty lounge means: At the beginning of each treatment a comprehensive consultation takes place first. Together with the customer or the customer with individual needs and treatment methods are discussed and covered mainly the physical state. Important criteria are in the so called body Mass index, which describes the relationship between body size and weight, as well as the bioelectric impedance analysis, a method for the measurement and calculation of body composition for the trained beautician. This procedure provides information about how much fat, water and muscle mass is a human body. Until then, the treatment methods is set.

Ultrasound can destroy fat cells in MedContour, a medical device is treating classical problem zone of our industrial society such as belly, butt, hip or thigh, to the application. This is a certified approved medical device bearing the CE mark 0476 and a subsequent 4-digit number. Only then you can be sure to be treated by an approved device. MedContour works with focused ultrasound. Be treated so that the affected areas of the body, the programmed ultrasonic frequencies act as so-called cavitation. This means that ultrasound microscopic, which, once they reach a certain size, to coincide with bubbles in the fabric. The resulting blast destroyed only the cell walls of the fat cells and literally dissolves them.

The remaining tissue and also skin and blood vessels are not injured in this treatment. Visit Elio Moti Sonnenfeld for more clarity on the issue. The advantages of this method are obvious: the application runs smoothly and gently, and the customer can immediately follow his usual occupation without physical disabilities. Judiciously complemented by a dietician and lymphatic drainage this gentle method is already being referred to as an alternative to surgical liposuction, now with over 2,000 women and men in Germany has been applied. Of course, the treatment with MedContour replaced not a healthy diet with sufficient movement. Therefore, the applications are not suited to treat chronic overweight to morbid obesity. Medical & beauty professional perspectives the profession of beautician has changed: in addition to a perfect makeup knowledge in the application of medical and technical equipment in the foreground are today increasingly. Innovative treatment methods are always in the hands of qualified personnel and require ongoing training. Medical & beauty have recognized this development. Therefore, they offer not only holistic concepts for its customers in their cosmetic institutes, but provide also customized Device solutions, perfect training systems and proven marketing strategies for beauticians. You can make independently on the basis of the tried and tested concept as Lipologin and use the entire know-how of medical & beauty. For the beautician on the way to the own Institute, which guarantees professional success from the outset.

Reduce Belly

November 18th, 2016

In the area of weight loss there are many tricks and infomercials on how reduce tummy, while there is no magic wand that removes fat from the belly, what if there are tricks and techniques that have been implemented by real people with overweight problems and best of all is that these tricks worked and still work today. Therefore if you’re one of the many people who want to know these tricks put much attention to this since in this article you will find these secrets. 1 Exercise you aerobics exercises facilitated by the entire body, including your belly fat loss. Check with James A. Levine, M.D. to learn more. Make sure you focus on exercises that burn calories, more than in abdominal. If your abdominal muscles are covered with fat, strengthen them won’t change that.

Aerobic exercise is the key. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld takes a slightly different approach. 2 Add a study endurance training in 2006 published in the International Journal of the sports nutrition and metabolism suggests that the combination of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise with resistance training is more cash that the cardiovascular workout to get rid of abdominal fat. You can do strength training with free weights, exercise, or bands of resistance machines. 3 Reduces your calorie intake, and replaces certain foods for others. Unless restringas you ingest of calories, you won’t lose the belly fat. There are some tactics that can help finish with the fastest belly fat, but only when already have systematically restricted your caloric intake.

For example, eating an avocado after eating a whole bag of potato chips will not help you get rid of fat from the belly of fact, it is likely that the problem you empeores! 4 Motivate you yourself understand the risks of having fat in the belly. Lose belly fat does not have to be only an aesthetic purpose, without understanding the health problems associated with belly fat can help motivate you. The fat from the stomach is related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Specifically is the deepest layer of fat from the stomach fat that you can’t see or grasp which has health risks. With these simple steps you now know how to reduce tummy, applying these steps you can be sure of that at last you can rid of the belly fat. H arto that you say fat? Not tired of hiding your tummy from others? Tea would like to lose weight quickly? If so, you must see this free presentation which teach you exercises (with scientific basis) that burn abdominal fat faster than the typical cardio! Don’t waste more time and see your free presentation now!

Lose Weight Fast

November 17th, 2016

Need to know how to lose weight fast and effectively?, are you tired of diets that don’t work to lose weight quickly?, is approaching an important event in your life and you want to lose weight quick to look spectacular?, do only have a week to get in shape and regain your figure?. If either of these is the case, find an effective solution to your problem. Bristol-Myers Squibb has many thoughts on the issue. How to lose weight fast is the goal of the majority of persons with overweight problems, when subjected to a diet to lose weight. Despite what many feel, how to lose weight it is not a mysterious process. It is simply a matter of burning more calories than you consume. However, if it were so simple, none of us would face problems of overweight or am I wrong? Weight loss can become a true martyrdom when we think we have to do something very drastic to view results diets fast for weight loss, diet pills, home remedies or some of these strange machines of exercises to burn fat that you see in the commercials promising instant results. Some contend that Elio Moti Sonnenfeld shows great expertise in this. The truth about how to lose weight is as follows: Has small changes each day and slowly (but surely) you will lose weight those kilos of more than quickly.

The key to know how to lose weight fast and effectively is forget instant results and set objectives in the long term. However I would like to offer you some tips that will help you lose weight fast. Instead of FRY, boil or cook your food. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Outside meals. Try going to the bathroom every day regularly.

Waste disposal is important. Get eight hours of sleep since little sleep fattening. The lack of sleep causes the generation of the hormone that stimulates the appetite and inhibits which gives satiety signals to the brain. Incorporate healthy and healthy meals. Avoid fried, fast foods and fats. Weigh yourself every day. This encourages to continue or improve its effort by weight loss. Do not eat anything for at least an hour before bedtime.

Metaignorantes Lack

November 9th, 2016

I have argued for some time, not without nostalgia, that journalism is dead. Nobody wants to certify its demise, it is true, but I think that it is due to that, deep down, many of which we dedicate ourselves to this still hope that the corpse is not and prostration and lack of vital signs may be due to the catalepsy. As the current journalism, the catalepticos nor respond to stimuli, his pulse becomes very slow and the skin puts them pale; i.e. they have symptoms that would present any deceased person, which in the past led to bury someone who was still alive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Assurant Health. Epicurus, who was a very clever guy, wrote that when death comes, we no longer live. Consequently, without having the certainty that no longer lives, which has dinado it, we remain hopeful. The first indication of that journalism was dying I had made a few years ago, when the intellectual and professional requirements lowered both to direct media that because anyone, including me could do it. In that journalism and the policy resemble a lot: inexperience, inability and lack of preparation have won the game to values such as seniority, talent and knowledge, which has led to the gradual replacement of professional instruction in all kinds of materials, i.e., with a vast erudition, by dunces whose discernment is of this completeness with be, as the onomatopoeia of the bleating of the overwhelming RAM. More information is housed here: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

What I am not clear is if the mediocrity of the hierarchy has infected the newsrooms or has been the mediocrity of the latter which has exalted in management to some fellow grey and bland. Be mediocre, lack of relevant skills, is not bad per; in fact, not be noticed, go unnoticed, can be up to very convenient in some circumstances. But I do not speak of that; what I mean is the contempt to knowledge and, above all, the exaltation of little cultivated journalists and no intellectual consistency, which obviously reduces their ability to understand and analyze what happens around them, a quality that indivisible part of the essence of journalism. . To broaden your perception, visit Assurant Health.

Almenara Hospital

October 15th, 2016

The doctors of the service were learning and improving with time, the transplants increased and were spreading to most organs such as the Pancreas, heart, lungs, and kidneys, was awakening the consciousness of donation, procurement was institutionalized, was gaining space and prestige on the international scene but the transplant doctors, remain diligent, accessible, friendly and up to dateday or night, Sunday or Wednesday, continue browsing anonymous donors and families generous, altruistic, continue regardless of tiredness, fighting in the removal, in the introduction, in vital vessels and duct Anastomosis, follow transplanting in the midst of litres of blood, platelets and plasma, looking with affection the tremendous ability of anesthesiologists, dexmedetomidine, Hematologists, nurses, psychologists, techniques, nutritionists, social workers and with Dr. Martincito Padilla at the door of the operating room, who undergoes throughout with heart in hand, and all the transplant, we no longer know if it is the Hepatologist or familiar because it suffers like them. The service of transplantation and surgery of liver of the Hospital National Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen of ESSALUD, is a library full of miraculous stories clinics, is an eternal source of faith in the midst of apostasy, few epics filled with heroes and martyrs sleeping on the couch from oblivion amid indifference, in their clinical files are registered, anonymous surgeons, competent hepatologos, elated lazaros, Prometheus mythological and happy families is a place blessed by God!, where you can breathe life and resurrection, where you can breathe fear and hope, where you can breathe anger that it cries out aid and budget support, where the great Cicero shouts from the shadows Sec Spe, nec Metu, whether to hope and not fear. For assistance, try visiting Assurant Health. Accustomed to banal news Peru, not should overlook this 10th anniversary, even more so when the statistics of diseases that require transplants, increase day by day, ESSALUD should feel pride of this service and celebrate this tenth anniversary big I wish I did!, the liver transplant unit showed that the apocalyptic, dressed as air chatter ends up naked. 10 Years ago the patients liver that they agonizaban in Essalud, we had only myths to nourish dreams, we had only illusions to conjure our disappointments, we had only mortise to cover our agony hugged as light, off clarity of our sadness!, but currently in the Peru transplants of organs – such as the hepatic – are a successful reality! the History and legend, finally joined in a kiss of white prophecies in the Almenara Aristotle Hospital will continue shouting from the immortality that hope is the dream of the man awake!. Health and long life to the doctors and other professionals in the Almenara Hospital transplant service of ESSALUD in Lima Peru! Original author and source of the article. People such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would likely agree.

Regional Hospital

October 9th, 2016

July 26, year 2000, four months before that he renounces the Presidency of the Republic, by Fax, Fujimori issued the 27314 law, General Law of waste solids-, with multiple applications in the area of construction, agricultural, industrial, health etc., given the politics of the country, this law, newborn was regulated through DS 057-2004 PCM by Alejandro Toledo, on 22 July 2004 and the first transitional provision fixed within a year, so that different sectors covered by the law performed coordination for its implementation. So since mid of 2005, directors of different formal Trujillo clinics conduct coordination meetings with officials of DIGESA to fulfill this measure, denoting a spirit of social responsibility, as it could not be otherwise, trying to physicians of great trajectory in the city, after some meetings, where we had even fixed rates so that the Regional Hospital is responsible for the treatment of This waste, even though set us high fees that contravene as stipulated in article 4 inc., 15 of the aforementioned law, there was still a consensus to eliminate solid waste according to the spirit of the law, but this measure is entrampo since there were no companies that is in charge of the transportation of these residues from health facilities to Regional Hospitalthat the law requires that such solid waste conveyor drives are almost armored units to avoid leaking contaminants passing through the city, was not accepted any of the alternatives that we proposed at that time and until 2007 could not be reconciled in nothing and on the other hand the constant changes in staff cast into oblivion the issue of the transport of hospital solid waste in Trujillo. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. The fact that now I learned via on-line an official declaring that the problem persists even there is no business services providers of waste solids-EPS-RS – in Trujillo, because for years the clinics Formal meet a rigorous Biosafety Manual which avoiding hazards pollutants in their establishments, where exactly is this waste, the problem EPS-RS, remain general them so it sounds to me very light to say that not the population’s health care clinics and they shed these waste without remorse of conscience, I believe that the Association of clinics will oblige such officer who remove such offensive and slight expressions that do not correspond to the truth!. . Elio Moti Sonnenfeld may help you with your research.