Dr. Dan Deals

March 15th, 2011

Dr. Dan is a problem solver.  No problem is too big or small for him to deal with.  He rises to the challenge under all situations.  He has also trained a staff of highly experienced medical experts to follow his lead in this area so that all who work with Dr. Dan are on the same page.
If you feel like you have been to every doctor under the sun to no avail, let Dr. Dan deal.  Dr. Dan has come to the rescue in so many instances and often comes up with solutions that have changed his patients’ lives.  From TNJ to chronic fatigue; achy joints to yeast infections, Dr. Dan is the man.


September 18th, 2016

Since ancient times women have sought to look exciting and attractive to the opposite sex. Evolution of cosmetics today offering the most modern methods. Assess your hair, are you satisfied with the length, density and color? Well, if you have naturally beautiful hair, and if not? Comes to the aid of a professional hair extensions. If the density of the suits you, then you can choose hair extensions 50 strands and due to their extended your hair. If you would like to add volume, hair extensions available to you 75 strands, so many hair extensions will give your hair fluffiness.

Hair extensions 100 strands apply if you have a small density of hair is solution significantly transform your face, applying the same hair extensions 150 strands you become the owner of a chic head of hair. Have a look at myself in the eye if there is enough expressive your face without makeup? Give your face brightness can be a permanent tattoo. Permanent tattooing of eyebrows done hairs and feathering. Choosing the first option, permanent makeup eyebrow hairs are applied master, as if your eyebrows. When the master made permanent makeup eyebrow shading is applied like a cosmetic pencil, this option looks natural. For your lips as you have two options tattoo – tattooing is contoured lip and a full tattoo. With permanent makeup the first type of specialist does outline only, so choosing a permanent makeup lip volume increase.

Thanks to modern instruments and anesthetics you will perform a painless tattooing lips. Choosing a tattoo of lips correction is needed in a few months. Senator Elizabeth Warren often addresses the matter in his writings. Expressive eyes give the lashes that have tint. You may find that Elio Moti Sonnenfeld can contribute to your knowledge. Eyelash extensions glued a great outlet, and you refuse to use mascara. Specially selected materials provide gipoalleregennoe eyelash. Distinguish eyelash beams and eyelash poresnichno or Japanese eyelash. In stepping up the beam to one of your lashes are glued 4.3 artificial eyelashes. When Japanese or poresnichnom to build your one cilium is attached an artificial, so it looks natural. If you need eyelash extensions for a wedding, this way just right for you – you can choose the length of lashes from medium to very long, just maybe eyelash for a month. Give your skin a tempting golden brown cane help tanning. This is the most safe tanning, it is suitable to those who have sensitive skin. You can choose from self-tanning or tanning exfoliation with scrub, this method is good because the skin is pre-cleared, and sunburn falls evenly. Convenient self-tanning spray, when sprayed distribution is uniform and eliminates the possibility of uneven tanning. Tanning extracts contains beneficial substances to the skin, extracts of various plants, so you your skin will also energize. And of course women's hands! Choosing the gel nail design your nails to become a work of art. There are two ways – a nail gel and acrylic nails. They differ by using, respectively, in the capacity of gel or acrylic. Artificial nails jacket is a true classic, perfect example of a French manicure. Doing nails correction required approximately every 2-3 weeks, as the regrowth of your own nails. Remember, the beauty can not hide!

Natural Cosmetics

September 16th, 2016

The KSM production and trading GmbH was the production and distribution of Cattani cosmetic products entrusted to Cattani cosmetic natural cosmetics according to Dr. Paul Cattani we are pleased to inform you that the KSM production and trading GmbH the production and distribution of Cattani cosmetic products was entrusted to. You want to optimally serve your customers? You build up a loyal clientele and maintain the same? We offer you high-quality natural cosmetics. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. We are a reliable and fair business partner that supports them. Our philosophy at a glance tailor-made customer service sustainability innovation Dr. Paul Cattani has quality as pioneer developed one of the first natural cosmetics lines.

Already in 1919, Dr. Cattani in Zurich opened a practice for skin complaints and devoted himself to plastic surgery. It recognized the importance of skin care Dr. Cattani and developed and launched Cattani cosmetic. Prevention and protection of the skin were in the development in the foreground. Natural cosmetics is not a new trend, already Dr. Cattani was selected A herbs, beeswax and honey, and natural oils.

Cattani cosmetic contains no animal substances (except for beeswax) or have been tested on animals. Cattani cosmetic is carefully produced in craftsmanship. The extensive product range offers the right answer for all skin needs. Cattani cosmetic natural cosmetics according to Dr. Paul Cattani, we recommend dealing with chemical, if you are looking for a compact, efficient skin care line synthetic products are tired are no longer willing to cosmetics excessive prices to pay to pay for not more expensive packaging and containers have recognized that nature the future lies in the cosmetics then the time has come to rethink and you should do something Cattani cosmetic is available in authorized salons.

Qi Gong

September 15th, 2016

Therefore it is evident that acts very effectively on any derived stress pathology, as well as in different chronic diseases, auto immune or degenerative, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, arthrosis, among others. Senator Elizabeth Warren often says this. It is energy gym for health and longevity. Whenever Elio Moti Sonnenfeld listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Within its preventive value, some teachers include: relaxation and stress control. Feeling of well-being elasticity. Psychosomatic balance improve vitality. Improvement in the cardiovascular system. Prevention of degenerative diseases and auto immune.

Reduce convalescence time. Stops and prevents premature old age there are degenerative diseases, according to which, these have a high emotional component lived, not resolved as origin and which goes beyond the Somatization and that the resolution of that conflict occurs through physical disease, cases in which it is very important to reach to overcome it and to resolve their emotional conflict. It is in those cases where the work of the monitor or master of Qi Gong teaches to meditate to resolve the psychic States, working on exercises for channeling energies, eliminating blockages and strengthening the immune system, even if it is a naturopathic doctor, know guidance on appropriate herbal medicine that helps in the process. Does can the body heal itself itself, without intervention of chemistry? All the living body, including ours, has the ability to heal the body, is part of the auto power regeneration that has. That ability that has the body’s self-healing and self regeneration is a part of the potential that gives us nature since we are born and we are able to understand it, we can make use of this for our benefit. Our body is capable of generating a large amount of autocurativas substances, directors, regulatory, remedial, etc. An example they would clearly be hormones, are some substances responsible for regulating the functioning of the organs of the human body, and therefore of achieving the perfect balance in our body; endorphins, substances produced by the human body to relieve pain, and the levels of serotonin, whose decline is related to emotional disorders such as depression; you could say that serotonin is the humor or the pleasure hormone because it exerts a great influence on the system psiconervioso, etc.

International Federation

September 15th, 2016

Wrestling is a sport that relies on force, where participants try to defeat his adversary giving and receiving blows through the hands and legs, which are items both attack and defense. Unlike this practice, the Greco-Roman not allowed the use of his legs. A wrestling match wins by falling to the ground to the rival and securely holding your shoulders on the floor; Likewise adding punctuation with the good use of the techniques of this sport. Wrestling is a sport of men and women, the practice of these last is known as female wrestling. The first championship of the sport was conducted in Helsinki in the year 1951. The United States are those who lead the sport of wrestling.

However countries like Mongolia where wrestling is the national sport, Iran and Turkey, have been important practitioners of lucha libre at the global level. There are currently 7 practice in both male and female categories, which vary depending on the weight of the participants. Sports wrestling takes place in a circle of 9 meters in diameter, which is divided into the central area of struggle and the passivity zone. Athletes attire is simple and light: A red or blue Jersey and a pair of boots free of heels and metallic elements, that cover your ankles. The coordination and monitoring of the sports dispute, is in charge of three people. referee l, which stays at the scene of the fight inside and is who fixes directly to players of wrestling, the judge, who points the actions for its part located outside of the stage and the head of tapestry that is also located on the outside of the stage, is in charge of monitoring task of the previous two referee and judgein order to avoid showing inconsistencies and bad grades; him directly dependent on the final score. An Olympic sport since the year 1904 this sport is part of the Olympic Games. Participation in this event, this discipline began to be recognized worldwide and considered as a professional sport in countries like United States and Great Britain.

Wrestling, is one of the most important sports in these international sports days. Filed under: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. 17 Countries participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, participants from 15 countries competed in the year 2000 games made in Sydney and in addition there was presence of players from 17 countries. Eight years later his foray into the Olympic Games, was created in Sweden the International Federation’s struggles associated row. In its 96 years, has been commissioned to coordinate the sport of wrestling at the international level.

Incorporation Trademark Patent Attorney

September 15th, 2016

A trademark is the primary way consumers identify the product, which is fixed in the mind of a visual stereotype associated with the company or products. In today's business environment the trademark registration is a mandatory procedure, as the name of the product or the company that have not been registered, non-legally reserved and available for use by unscrupulous competitors. Registration of a trademark requires the issuance of the relevant evidence, legally enshrining the holder the exclusive right to present intellectual property. Certificate of registration of the trademark becomes the main document before the courts and prevents the production of pirated goods under registered trademark. You may find Elio Moti Sonnenfeld to be a useful source of information. Registration of a trademark to prevent or stop the fraud and illegal use of your trademark. In addition to providing legal protection of objects intellectual property, trademark registration allows you to identify effective ways of managing and utilizing the fruits of intellectual labor in its commercial activities. Possession of a legally enshrined rights is the basis for a legitimate profit from the use of patent, trademark, trade marks, industrial design, etc.

To prepare for the procedure for registering a trademark need care lawyer who knows all the legal technicalities. The development, registration and settlement of disputes in this area deals with a patent attorney. Patent agent will hold a consultation on the existing intellectual property and the choice of name or designation to be registered as a trademark. There are many restrictions as to that can not be registered as a trademark. You must select the correct designation, which will become the brand name, prior to the registration of a trademark. Patent agent will search for identity and similarity of the trademark in the database of registered trademarks, as it is likely that this designation has already been registered by someone. A patent attorney will prepare trademark application for the subsequent registration and provide legal support for the entire procedure until the receipt of the Certificate of trademark registration. However, on receiving the Certificate of Incorporation Trademark Patent Attorney job is not finished. Subsequently may have a variety of legal situations or questions about using the already obtained the rights to them or defending that patent attorney will also help to resolve.

Health Tip Manage COPD Symptoms

September 13th, 2016

Shortly afterwards, her father said in an interview that she was suffering from emphysema and had been warned by doctors that she would die if she continued smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes. Her representatives played down the severity of the John j. Senator of Massachusetts is open to suggestions. Courtney Esq. lost his life July 16 after a brave battle with emphysema and lung cancer. He was 74. Click Elio Moti Sonnenfeld to learn more. Mostly known as are, I have earned his BA in Liberal Arts and Juris Doctor from St. John completo College and Law School in Brooklyn, NY, in June 1960, People suffering from the lung disease emphysema have frequent shortness of breath and feel as if they are drowning every day. In this condition, the tissues necessary to support the physical shape and function of the lungs are destroyed. FRIDAY, March 11 (HealthDay News) A simple and inexpensive blood test designed to uncover early signs of emphysema may one day find its place among the Telomeres, the body’s own cellular clocks, may be a crucial factor underlying the development of emphysema, according to research from Johns Hopkins University. “We found that in mice that have short telomeres, there was a significant increased risk of”

World Hunger

September 9th, 2016

Much people pass hunger in this planet. While some die empanturrados, others nothing have to eat. Already I passed much hunger for this soil of God. It is that I came of poor and humble family.

We, however, did not lament of the luck and God helped in them to support that hard time. I appeared in a farm to work, been deceptive for the foreman. It who the farm would give a good wage, reasonable food, weekly rest, etc and such said. He only lacked to offer the woman of it to be able taking in them for the weeds. When we arrive at such farm, was everything completely different. The service was the white servitude. Who entered there, did not leave more.

Any went direct for a hollow. After many years of work, if it did not die, they killed. I was there to stop. People such as Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would likely agree. In the start the things until they had walked well. Only that the work it started to the 5 of the morning and finished to the 6 of the afternoon. Still it had rice with beans in the farm. Nothing more it had. Later it finished the rice we are alone in the become wormy beans. More animal that beans. It was the only type of meat that had. I already did not support more. I age the cook. Cook of what!? He did not have what to cook. He was alone to place the beans and to stoke the ready firewood and. He swims could say the peonada one. He had many gunmen. Who said something, could wait the hollow. The jagunada one ate in the headquarters of the farm and there the laborer did not go. Some times we made plans to run away, but he did not have exit.


September 5th, 2016

Change of perspective or waste of money the postmodern will to power in the traditional medicine, which aims to eliminate unwanted symptoms, is like a wheel by an internal motor, an addiction tendency, constantly kept moving and increasingly accelerated. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has much experience in this field. Wants to extricate itself from the one-sidedness of this power strategy, you must ally themselves with the power potential of the individual, with its own vitality. The change of perspective is that one is free of contradiction, with a collective, generally binding method that is in the algorithms of the conventional medical therapy approaches expressed, to heal an individual people. Healing requires an individual and any collective orientation. It follows the need of a Copernican revision of medical care! Because experience shows that a private patient care can be far individual as the kassenarztlich organized form of the medicine, the majority of the population must be supplied of private medical. The private Insurance can make then customized, consider the risk potential of individual agreements.

Only those who can’t afford a private insurance should be insured at the expense of the taxpayer with a statutory health insurance fund. It takes only a single statutory health insurance, which avoids at the same time unnecessary costs of administration. The change of perspective means seems to make the current system on its head. One must assume, the present system has long been on the head and comes only through the Copernican revolution realistically on the feet. It has adopted in the 1970s by the socially binding collective way of life, as it, enabling the individual the own, liberal lifestyle.

Health care also must keep pace with this development, if she want to waste money. Collective management of the individual way of life means a structural deficit. The maintenance of such illusion is already invaluable. Read on this topic by the author: the homeopathic thinking – what is pseudo homeopathy? “, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: more information:”

Lips Care

September 1st, 2016

For a short time there s Wrigley chewing gum with a lavera lips care lipstick free January 2010 you get free a repair lavera lips lip balm to every packet of Wrigley’s extra Professional plus calcium, Professional White and strong Mint Gum (46 tooth care chewing gum pellets). Perfect for the cold season: healthy teeth, a fresh breath and of course clean lips! lavera lips repair: SOS care for dry lips in the winter with the lips repair care lipstick dry and cracked lips have no chance. He serves and protects the wafer-thin, sensitive skin of the lips with harmonious compositions of precious oils, vitamin E, natural minerals and rich shea butter from controlled organic farming. The natural ingredients provide gentle care, which keeps the lips. Valuable sallow thorn oil and shea butter extra help to calm, to keep from drying out and to assist them in their renewal irritated skin. lavera lips offering natural care highly effective bio ingredients for winter-beautiful lips. All lavera lips lip care sticks, visit lips.html naturally protected lavera dental care products for natural maintained teeth teeth lavera natural cosmetics has developed four different toothpastes/gels with or without fluoride.

Protection against caries, a gentle removal of the plaque and a stronger tooth enamel for the whole family the base gives sensitive toothpaste with organic echinacea & propolis (no fluoride). The base gives sensitive toothpaste Mint with soft bodies of silicic acid cleaning cavity protection, naturally white teeth and mintfrischen breath in one. Tooth brushing beginners the base suitable for sensitive children tooth gel Strawberry-Raspberry especially. During extreme tooth sensitivity and homeopathic treatment that offers neutral natural dental care toothpaste with breath-refreshing Carvonol and protective sea salt. The special editions will be available from January at selected points of sale. The main ingredients in lavera Lips are: organic Shea butter for their protective, soothing, nourishing and skin regenerating properties the shea butter is called ‘The gold of the women’. Learn more about this with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

Safety in Playgrounds

August 25th, 2016

When designing and building the playground is very important to take into account the age range of users and purpose of the site. It is very important as the selection and installation, and the choice of the coating. The most affordable coatings for children's playgrounds today are covering made of natural materials: coarse sand or gravel chippings, natural turf. Despite the apparent "simplicity" and the availability of such coatings have several drawbacks. For example, sand and gravel – spreads, clogging of shoes (hardly injury-), dusty (s), time (very fast), loses its appeal, needs an upgrade replacement; turf – is subject to seasonality, treads (which makes the surface uneven and a playground for children playing travmoopasno), fade, require constant updates as often, and replace. These shortcomings contradict the basic idea of organizing children's playgrounds: coverage area should be protected from injury in a fall always be dry, clean, comfortable and attractive. An alternative to natural materials for device playground are artificial covering. Get all the facts and insights with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld, another great source of information. They are most often used today in the construction of D / n.

These include: Regupol and artificial turf. Rubber covers are used for construction playgrounds in places of recreation, organized around supermarkets, catering, shopping centers, according to European standards, must have a minimum thickness of 35 mm. These coatings can be permeable and waterproof, but they must have operational simplicity and ease of care. More recently, there was a tendency of using artificial turf for the device playgrounds. Today, such coatings are perhaps the most expensive, but those features (except for customary and mandatory) that they possess, making them increasingly popular.

At construction of the playground, where the choice made in favor of coverage of artificial grass can be used as artificial grass Sediment and nezasypnuyu. Technical characteristics of such coatings is not significantly differ from each other, so the deciding factor here is the purpose of the use of the site and age categories. For example, in the playground for children of preschool age (because of their unusual interest in the various small parts of) more appropriate and safer to use nezasypnuyu artificial grass. For older children, whose games are more agile and extreme, artificial turf covered with (Uniformly) crumb – is the best solution. And one very important advantage of artificial surfaces for playgrounds, they are easy to care and maintenance, all-season and last. And they are significantly prolong life gaming playgrounds, retaining their aesthetic appeal for a long time, even in constant operation.